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Instagram wants to know this private detail or you have to give up the app

Sometimes you get a message and can’t respond to it right away. Or you need time to think of a reply. Or you may not want to reply at all. For whatever reason, you don’t want the sender to know that you read it.

Your phone’s SMS apps have a built-in feature to let people know when you’ve seen their messages, but you can turn this off in some cases. The same applies to Instagram, but it’s not as straightforward as you think. Tap or click here for a trick that keeps what you look at on social media private.

You had to give some personal information when you created your Instagram account, but your birthday was not part of this. That will change soon as its parent company Facebook will require you to add this additional information.

DOB, please

Facebook announced that it would ask Instagram users to share their birthdays if they haven’t done so already. The social network claims this will help “create safer, more private experiences for young people.”

This goes with some changes already implemented, like restricting adults from messaging users under 18 who don’t follow them. And last month, new accounts belonging to users under 16 defaulted to a private setting.

Facebook also says this will help restrict advertising targeted to people under 18 while also showing more relevant ads to adults.

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Pop-up requests

If you haven’t already added your birthday to Instagram, you’ll get notifications to do so when you open the app. If you don’t give the information after several uses, you’ll have to share it to continue using Instagram.

Additionally, if you see a warning screen when trying to view a post, you’ll get asked for your birthday before opening the post. The warning screens have been in place for some time to alert you of sensitive or graphic posts, and now they have this additional barrier.

A.I. to catch you in a lie

You may be tempted to enter the wrong information, but the social network uses artificial intelligence to combat this. For example, if your followers send you happy birthday posts on a different day than what you provided to Instagram, the A.I. can catch this.

There will also be age verification methods put in place, though the details haven’t been provided yet.

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