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Grab your photos from Facebook before they disappear forever

How would you feel if we told you Facebook was going away forever? After finding out the social media giant was handing over your personal information to companies, maybe you’d think it was a good thing.

But if you’re still a Facebook fan, don’t worry. It’s not going anywhere.

However, one of its features is actually shutting down for good.

And if you have photos or videos stored on in, you have to act fast to save them.

Facebook Moments going away forever

Did you ever use Facebook Moments? If so, you may be the only one. Facebook says it’s killing the app because no one uses it.

Moments is an app that instantly organizes the photos and videos on your gadget by time, location and the people in them. It helps you create photo albums that you can share with friends and family, so you can privately collect all the photos and videos you’ll want to look back on.

Well, there may be some content saved to Moments that you want to keep. But time is running out.

Facebook announced a while ago that it was ending support for Moments, and that time is now. The app will no long be available after Feb. 25, 2019.

Keep reading to find out how to save those precious moments.

How to export your Facebook Moments

Once Facebook Moments goes away, all of the content on it will disappear. Unless of course you save it first.

Here’s how:

Facebook has created two ways to export your photos and videos from the Moments app. Good news, you can export content from any device.

  • Begin by tapping or clicking here.
  • A personalized page will open, showing you all the files that are available to download. (Note: You’ll also see each files’ size, so you know how much space they’ll take.)
  • To download a file, you will need to enter your Facebook password.
  • Next, select how you want to export your moments:
    • Create private albums on your Facebook profile – This will create a Facebook album for each moment that only you can see. You’ll be notified on Facebook when they are ready. (Related: Click here to learn more about Facebook albums.)
    • Download to your device – This will create a file. Facebook will email you a link and notify you when it’s ready. You will need to download it within a few days, or it will disappear.

That’s it. Pretty simple process, but as we said earlier you really need to act fast. Facebook said it will end support on Feb. 25, but you have until May 19 to download your photos, according to USA Today.

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