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Fun Snapchat add turns you into a 3D cartoon

Depending on your age and the company you keep, you may or may not be all that familiar with Snapchat.

Released in 2011, it quickly became the go-to app for younger people who wanted to share photos that, unlike with Facebook and Instagram, would disappear after 24 hours. Over time, it also became a place where people could share videos and messages, all with the same concept of none of it being permanent.

As with pretty much every website or app that gets developed, Snapchat has continually worked to add features, like filters and face swapping, as well as Bitmojis and other things meant to make using it both unique and enjoyable. If you’re not sure what any of that is, trust us when we say it is all, if nothing else, entertaining.

What are they coming up with next?

Perhaps with great timing after what was a pretty disastrous reformatting of the platform, Snapchat is rolling out 3D Friendmojis for its users. Essentially, the update will allow people to put improved cartoon versions of themselves and their friends into snaps.

The 3D Friendmojis is another step in the evolution of Bitmojis, which before allowed people to create themselves as a cartoon that could then be added to real-world scenarios through Snapchat. The newer “Deluxe” version is where the newer, nicer Bitmojis can be made.

While Bitmojis have been part of Snapchat for a while, with them dancing, singing and working, among other things, the 3D versions look significantly more detailed and better. This version includes 40 skin tones, 50 hair colors and another 50 hair treatment options.

Do you want curly hair? Have curly hair. If straight or wavy is more your style? Go for it. Feel free to also add some touch ups to your face, like makeup and other details, too. And for some reason, if you are not sure of what you look like, you can take a selfie that will appear on the screen for reference as you build your cartoon self.

The 3D Bitmojis are not just for Snapchat, as they will work in Bitmoji-compatible apps like Google Gboard and iMessage. And if you switch to the Deluxe version and realize you prefer your older Bitmoji, there will be an option to go back to it.

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