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Facebook will soon limit news so you only see “paid” posts

More and more people seem to be turning to Facebook for news. Like regular news sites, you can do searches to find stories of interest.

Some sites pay to have their stories inserted into the news feeds of Facebook users. Other sites enjoy the benefit of social sharing without having to pay anything.

“Paid” News Posts

Now, Facebook is thinking of letting you see only “paid” news posts. Non-paid posts from “Pages” will be shifted into a secondary feed called “Explore.” This could be anything from a local restaurant to an international news organization. You’ll still be able to see these items but you must navigate to this secondary feed to see them.

Facebook responds by saying they’re always looking for new ways to “connect people with the posts they find most meaningful” and that includes making it easier to see posts from family and friends. But Facebook also claims the goal is to declutter your feeds.

Some don’t buy it, saying Facebook is just trying to force content companies into advertising. Others say the move could be disastrous for publishers, especially smaller ones, who rely on the social network for their audience. For larger sites, the impact isn’t as great unless it’s a site that relies on social media.

Again, paid promotions aren’t being impacted. You’ll still see those appear as normal on the news feed as well as posts from those who have been followed or friended on the site.

Shortly after launching the dual feed test, user engagement dropped up to 80 percent on Pages.

Facebook is trying out the concept in six countries: Serbia, Slovakia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Right now, the world’s largest social network plans to listen to feedback to see if they should pursue further. For now, Facebook has no plans to roll this out globally. 

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Facebook could be a boon or a bane, it depends on how you look at it, but with more than 1 billion active users, people are finding it to be the former. We could all agree that it is definitely an important tool for many people to connect with friends, family, acquaintances and to some extent, the world in general.

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