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Facebook finally adding Dislike button, but it’s not where you’d expect

Engagement announcements, a video of a baby’s first steps, or any good news in general – we’ve been able to express positive reactions to Facebook posts since 2009. But what if a friend is posting about getting divorced or moving away? Many Facebook users have wanted a dislike button for quite some time.

Then, about a year ago Facebook introduced more reactions. Still no dislike button but in addition to liking a post, people could reply with love ❤️️,  haha ?, wow  ?, sad ? and angry ? emojis.  Eight years after the premiere of the “Like” button and one year after reactions, is a “Dislike” button finally on the horizon?

Well, not exactly. Facebook is finally getting a dislike button but it won’t be in our newsfeeds. Instead, people will be able to use a “thumbs down” emoji to react to specific messages in Facebook Messenger.

Note: The “thumbs down” emoji is the newest feature to hit Facebook Messenger but there are many other helpful ones you can take advantage of. Look at this list of Facebook Messenger tricks you’re not using yet

Let’s say you’re involved in a Messenger group chat and everyone is trying to decide where to go for lunch. Several suggestions are fired out quickly. Using emojis to reply to specific messages is a fast and easy way to make it clear what you’re responding to. If you don’t like a suggestion, you can use the dislike emoji. To access the dislike emoji (and the other Newsfeed reaction emojis) you can hover over a message and then select the one you want. Other people in the group will see your reaction.

Facebook is currently testing this feature so not everyone has it yet. If you don’t have it yet, hovering over a message gives you the option to delete it. Facebook hasn’t announced a launch date but if the testing goes well then it will probably be available for the masses soon.

So will there ever be a Dislike button in our Newsfeeds? Probably not. During a Facebook Q&A session in December 2014, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg answered a question about it. He said that a feature that allows people to vote on whether a post is good or bad doesn’t add much value. But he did say that allowing people to express a broader range of emotions is something they were working on, and thus the reactions emojis were born. To hear his entire response, watch the video below.

(If you’re reading this story on the app, you can click here to view the video.)

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