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Facebook privacy setting doesn’t do anything

If you’re like us, you’ve spent the better part of the last week-plus trying to make sense of Facebook’s security settings. As story after story comes out about how our information on the site is collected and used, it seems like a natural response.

During this time you have probably read a few articles that we had on this very site explaining ways to make your profile more secure. You had to click in a few places and check a few boxes, but ultimately you were able to turn off access to certain things, which was a good thing.

But as it turns out, one of the things you did, at best, provided some sort of placebo effect. It’s not that the boxes you checked did anything bad, though.

By checking the boxes, nothing happened

If there is something positive to gain from this story it is that nothing happened after you checked the boxes because nothing needed to happen. The setting had to do with apps and their ability to access information.

We wrote about it in last week’s story regarding how Facebook could still track your account even after it has been deleted.

Anyway, as far as we knew we needed to un-check boxes in order to prevent our friends’ apps from learning about us without our knowledge. While that sounded well and good, Facebook actually already took away their ability to do that in 2014, meaning you had nothing to worry about or change.

In fact, what Facebook is guilty of here is failure to update what settings we could and could not adjust. In this case, there was no longer a need for us to have the opportunity.

That’s a good thing then, right?

Compared to some of the stuff Facebook is either accused of or has admitted to, this seems like it should almost be applauded. Sure, it would be great if Facebook could keep its settings pages fresh for us, but then again, how many of us even knew this all existed as recently as two weeks ago?

Still, for as many resources Facebook has access to and as important as they claim security is, the fact that they left something like this in their settings is certainly curious. After all, if they really are about transparency and privacy, everything related to them should be available, functional and necessary.

By the way, Facebook is collecting your call and text data. You might want to turn it off

Facebook keeping track of phone calls and text messages. If that sounds bad that’s because it is, though according to Facebook it’s not exactly what it seems. Click here to see what we are talking about.

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