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Don’t ignore this alert from Facebook it’s your chance to protect your privacy

Facebook is still scrambling to try and convince us all they are taking privacy seriously, with a big part of their effort revolving around what information is and is not shared through the site.

Since the Cambridge Analytica story broke we have seen change after change to the platform and, if not that, better acknowledgement over what exactly Facebook has on us. It has not necessarily made things better, but it’s at least a start.

But as is the case with many of the new tools and features, they are really only effective if we let them be. Therefore, whenever Facebook releases a new way for us to improve our privacy, it’s very much worth looking into and taking advantage of.

Coming to a Facebook page near you

It may not be here yet, but soon logging into Facebook will lead to a prompt from Facebook reminding you about their privacy options while giving you a chance to change them.

There will be three screens detailing it all.

In them Facebook will go over all the profile information you have given them and then how they match ads to you based on perceived interests. The third page discusses Facebook’s facial recognition software.

There is a fourth page that goes over Facebook’s terms of service.

So what do I do with the pages?

Along with the information, each page will provide an option for you to adjust your settings.

The profile page will give you the chance to change what Facebook knows and shares about you. If you don’t want it to log your political leanings or certain interests, you can have them removed.

The next section gives you the opportunity to have Facebook stop providing your data to third parties for advertising purposes. You know how the ads you see tend to reflect products you have bought or previously looked at elsewhere? You can change that.

Finally, the third section about facial-recognition explains what it is and why it exists. Facebook says it uses the software to find you in photos other people post, helping to tip you off when one is uploaded or even notify you when a fake account is created with your image.

There’s less room to adjust the settings for facial recognition, as either you allow it or you don’t.

None of this is actually new

Remember, Facebook has not really enjoyed being in the news because of privacy issues, and over the last few months has taken steps to try and settle down folks who feel betrayed. A big part of that has been alerting people to how settings could be changed, though it’s possible you didn’t read about it.

Just in case, here’s a quick rundown:

If you want to learn how to get Facebook to stop labeling you as a liberal or conservative, click here.

For anyone interested in removing spying third-party apps, click here.

To stop Facebook from looking for you with face recognition, you will want to click on this link.

Facebook is collecting your call and text data, and you can learn how to turn it off here.

If you want to prevent Facebook from stealing data from your photos, click here.

Finally, did you know Facebook has a database of everything you’ve done on the site? Click here and learn how to get yours.

Along with privacy, Facebook also still has an issue with fake news and viral lies

Despite a renewed focus on combating things like fake news and spam stories, keeping them away from people has proven to be nearly impossible. Like in the wake of last week’s shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, which left 10 people dead and 10 injured. Click here to read about this problem.

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