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A new, easy way to choose what YOU see on Facebook

Social media has become more important in our daily lives than any of us ever expected. We go to our Facebook page for everything from the news, to a look into our friend’s daily lives. Facebook algorithms study our online habits and adjust our news feeds to show us exactly what we want to read and buy. Tap or click here for Facebook settings to change ASAP.

With the recent politically charged climate, sometimes we wish we could control what showed up on our news feed. Well, Facebook has announced its plans to give you more control. Soon you can choose whether your news feed is controlled by Facebook’s algorithm or to make it a more personalized experience by selecting what friends you want to show up and which brands you want to be highlighted.

Facebook has faced a lot of controversy over the way it controls which content its users see. Everything from political opinions to specific brands can be sponsored to be put on your feed, making Facebook seem more like a marketing ploy than an organic place to see content. It wants to rebut this opinion by giving users the chance to control it themselves.

What is changing with your Facebook news feed

Facebook is bringing about a few options to make your news feed more about you and less about what’s best for the company. At least that’s what it wants you to believe.

Here are some features on the way:

  • Favorites Feature – This new feature will create a separate news feed called the favorites feed. By starring the top of your friend’s pages and other pages you find most interesting, you’ll be able to have them show up more often. These pages will then populate a separate favorites feed.
  • Feed filter bar – This will give you two options for your news feed. You can choose a chronological option or a Facebook current feed.
  • Live personal algorithm adjustments – Adjust Facebook predictions on your feed in real-time. Ignore them all together, or choose to alter them.

Coming soon to a platform near you

These updates sound like a nice change to the Facebook platform most of us use every day. But they aren’t available across all devices yet. Currently, you can use the Feed Filter Bar option on Android, and it’s rolling out to iOS soon.

Even though Facebook says the changes are to serve its users better, can we really trust it? The company has always done what’s best for Facebook in the past. We’ll have to keep a close eye on these changes when they roll out.

If you own an Android-based device, head to Facebook and check out the new feature to control what you see and what you don’t. If you are sick of Facebook, check out these six Facebook replacement apps instead.

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