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Facebook Messenger is changing and you’ll hate it

Facebook Messenger has become one of the go-to forms of communication for people. Available for both the desktop version of Facebook as well as mobile, it is simple and useful.

Part of what made it so popular was that it was really non-intrusive. Sure it had some fancy features, but there did not need to be anything more than messages, both sending and receiving.

But as Facebook continues to evolve as a company and service, change is bound to happen. Some are for the best, and some we have to wait and see. What’s coming to Messenger, however, is objectively awful.

Prepare for video ads

Part of the issue Facebook has been facing is the integration of advertising onto its platform. Their old way, using data and information to create targeted ads, led to issues over privacy.

Their new way is going to bring about nothing but frustration. Unless, of course, you don’t mind videos automatically playing when you try to send a message.

We’re going to guess you are like us and not a big fan of that. Yet, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Facebook will begin rolling out the new “feature” in the app on June 25 and yes, they know people are probably not going to like it. Yet, they are still going to try it.

“Top priority for us is user experience,” Stefanos Loukakos, who runs Messenger’s ad business, told “So we don’t know yet. However, signs until now, when we tested basic ads, didn’t show any changes with how people used the platform or how many messages they send.”

Indeed, this is not the first time ads will be present in Messenger. But before they were static, whereas these will be video.

Can I opt-out?

Over the last few months we have learned a lot more about what Facebook knows about us and how it uses that information. We have been provided with ways to limit — or remove altogether — certain kinds of advertising.

It appears the ads will target people who use Messenger each month, though Facebook maintains people will keep control of their experience in the app. How much control? It appears people will be able to hide and report ads, and maybe even manage what kind of ads they see, but probably not completely avoid them.

So starting next week, if you use Facebook Messenger your life is about to get more annoying. Will it be enough to convince you and others to forego using the app and communicate through other means?

We’ll just have to see.

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