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Facebook Live is getting even better

Are you still accessing Facebook and other social media sites through a desktop or laptop? Since there’s an app for everything and our phones are always with us, it seems easier to scroll through News Feeds on your phone.

But on the other hand, bigger screens are easier on our eyes so you may prefer to look at Facebook on your computer. Plus, the Facebook app takes up a lot of data and storage space on your phone. If your preference is using your computer, then, unfortunately, Facebook Live was a feature you could not use.

Until now! This week the company announced that people can go live via web browsers. That means people with webcams on desktop computers and laptops can now use Facebook Live. Right now the feature is only available for Facebook Pages (pages for businesses, news outlets, celebrities, etc.) but soon anyone with a profile will be able to use it.

This change also allows contributors to a Facebook Page to go live. Originally, only a page admin had that privilege. This is especially convenient for news outlet pages that have several reporters who want do live reports.

Critics have speculated that Facebook is pushing videos too hard, especially since ads may be coming to videos posted on the site. Facebook Live launched in August 2015 and since then a few features have been added to increase its appeal. People can use filters to dress up their videos and they can schedule live broadcasts so that fans know when to tune in.

If you’re excited about this feature but a little nervous about going live for the first time, we’ve got you covered. Kim wrote an article and posted a video full of tips for making better Facebook Live videos. Follow her advice and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Of course, Facebook Live isn’t for everyone. You may have no interest in going live or watching other people go live. Facebook will send you a notification when a page you follow or a Facebook friend goes live but you can turn those off.


In the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page, click the down arrow next to the lock. Select “Settings” from the list. Then select “Notifications” from the list on the left. Select “On Facebook” and then next to “Live Videos,” select “All Off” from the drop down menu.

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