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Facebook makes feed family friendly
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Finally! How to see ONLY posts from friends and family on Facebook

Facebook is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with family and friends. But the longer you spend on it, the more cluttered it becomes. You might not realize it, but every group, page or event you join will add posts to your feed.

In a few weeks, you can quickly go from a carefully curated thread of acquaintances and relatives to a cluster of promoted content, irrelevant group updates and suggestions for things that don’t interest you.

Luckily, there is something that you can do about it. Read on for a new way just to see content from people who matter the most.

Here’s the backstory

If you are old enough to remember Facebook’s launch and the heightened competition with Myspace, you probably added everybody you could think of, even distant relatives and vague acquaintances.

It wasn’t much of a problem then, but the homepage feeds became messy as Facebook attracted more people (it has 2.9 billion users today). Also, with the addition of groups, their updates, and sponsored content, posts can quickly get overwhelming.   

To make matters worse, Facebook feeds work on an algorithm to show content it thinks you want to see and not in chronological order. But how do you cut through the clutter to see more relevant posts?

What you can do about it

You can force your feed to show posts chronologically if you are on a desktop. It’s a great option, but it’s not permanent. Every time you open your feed, you’ll have to make the change. On the left panel, click on See More, scroll down and then click on Most Recent.

But the most significant change is an update to the mobile app. Facebook is testing out more ways to control your feed better. This includes setting up favorites, easier access to snoozing people and pages, and unfollowing people, pages and groups.


When you add people to your favorites list, their posts get priority in the news feed over everything else. After the app update, you have three feed options:

  • Home feed, which shows the most relevant posts first.
  • Favorites, which only shows posts from your selected favorite people.
  • Recent, which shows you any new posts first.

Favorites is a collection of posts from friends and pages that you choose, and you’ll see all their posts first from the last three days. During the setup process, Facebook will suggest 10 friends. But if you want to add anybody that isn’t on the list, tap on Search and enter their name.

Now, whenever you open the Facebook app, you see Your Feed, Favorites and Recent in the top banner. Just tap on any button, and you’ll see the associated feed. To make any changes to your feed settings, tap on the Settings button in the top banner and then tap on Manage Your Feed.

Don’t forget to add the Komando Facebook page to your Favorites list so you never miss a tech update and the latest news.

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