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Facebook beta: How to test new features before anyone else

Technology is changing faster than we can keep up with nowadays. Everywhere we look, there’s a new shiny cellphone, laptop, or app that is built to make our lives easier. There’s even a cool new version of Microsoft Windows on the way. Tap or click here to see the best Windows 11 features and how to try them now.

Well, it’s no shocker that Facebook wants to keep up with everyone else, and it’s releasing a new update to its app. The new Facebook platform is currently running in beta on iOS, Android and online.

If you want to be part of the in-crowd or are just curious about the beta platform, we’ve got you covered. Here is how to test the new Facebook beta features before anyone else.

Here’s the backstory

If you are wondering who can try out the new beta platform, the answer is everyone. There are currently beta platforms for Android and iOS devices.

A word of caution: You might be excited to see what Facebook has up its sleeves, but switching to the beta version comes with a drawback: glitches.

Companies allow users to test their new updates early, specifically, so they can find these glitches and correct them. This means you are almost bound to run into a few issues here or there when testing it out.

If you aren’t interested in being plagued with bugs and glitches during your activity, skip the beta version and wait until the full update is released.

How to use beta on Android

Testing Facebook’s beta model is fairly easy, albeit a little different. Here’s how you can join the beta platform from your Android phone:

  • Open the Google Play app on your Android.
  • Search for Facebook. Scroll down and you will see Join the beta.
  • Click Join, then confirm.

Once you are a beta tester, Facebook recommends you do a few things to keep the app running smoothly:

  • Open the Facebook app in the Google Play Store.
  • Turn on Automatic Updates.
  • Contact Facebook regularly as you encounter bugs and errors.

How to try Facebook beta on iPhone

If you own an iPhone, the process is a little different. In fact, you’ll need to download an entirely different app. You’ll need to download the Testflight app from the Apple App Store. This app can be used to test different platform’s beta versions.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Install the Testflight app on your iPhone from the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the invitation link to launch and install Facebook beta.

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