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Deadly spider Facebook post is spreading, is it true?

This is scary and not necessarily in a fun-Halloween way. You’ve seen this alarming message on Facebook.

In fact, you may have helped spread this terrifying warning. Your intentions are good, although the same can’t be said of the originator of this Facebook alert.

This warning could save lives, at least that seems to be its intention when you first read it. Who wouldn’t want to alert people to a deadly spider?

This is so scary that it has been shared 1.92 million times so far on Facebook. And that’s just for the original post, not including your re-post and everyone else’s.

Facebook alert

It’s called “the spider from hell” on Facebook. It was originally posted, it seems, by Gary Neaderhiser. He warns that there’s a dangerous, new breed of spider in the United States.

Worse, it’s a killer! “Five people have died this week due to the bite of this deadly spider,” he wrote in his post.

“One bite from this spider is deadly. US government working on a anti venom at this time.”

He pleads with you for help. “Please make your family and friends aware.”

Here’s what you must do

Don’t do anything and don’t spread the rumor. Yes, it’s a Facebook scam.

In fact, the terrifying photo is of the relatively harmless woodlouse hunter spider. It might bite you, and it might hurt, but that’s about it.

You won’t die. It will most often cause just a mild pain, according to Penn State’s College of Agriculture Sciences.

We may never know why Neaderhiser posted this Facebook scam. Maybe it was for Halloween fun or maybe it was just for a little bit of social media fame.

Whatever his reasons, you can help stop this scam. Don’t share the post if you see and maybe you can tell your family and friends to do the same.

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