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Done with Facebook? Here’s how to export all your old posts

Big Tech has been a focal point for many security-conscience users. Over the last couple of years, Facebook and other tech companies suffered serious breaches. This brought into question how safe your data really is. Tap or click here for 10 reasons why you should dump Facebook.

Adding to the woes, major players in the industry changed their terms of service. It didn’t seem like there was anything improper on the surface, but digging a bit deeper reveals the rampant level of data sharing.

Many users feel uncomfortable that their personal information and profile habits are in the hands of powerful companies — and they’re looking elsewhere. Luckily it has now been made easier to leave Facebook.

Here’s the backstory

The biggest issue with ditching Facebook is the amount of data that you have accumulated on it. There could very well be over a decades’ worth of posts, photos, files and notes. A few years ago, a tool was rolled out to help transfer your photos and videos from one platform to another.

While it is still possible to download a copy of your Facebook data, the Data Transfer Project (DTP) tool allows you to offload your information on one platform and upload it onto another. Some collaborators on the project include Apple, Google and Twitter.

A few months ago, it was announced that you could export your Facebook photos and video to Google’s Photos or Dropbox. With the latest developments, the available services have now been expanded to include Facebook, Google, Apple and WordPress.

It means that you can remove all your treasured photos, videos, posts, and notes to a different platform and then leave Facebook altogether.

Here’s how it works

To coincide with the expansion, Facebook renamed its Data Portability Tool to Transfer Your Information. It can be found in your Facebook settings, and here’s how to get there:

  • Open your Facebook profile.
  • In the top-right, click on the down arrow for the menu.
  • Click on Settings & Privacy, and then on Settings.
  • On the left, click on Your Facebook information.
  • Click on Transfer a copy of your information.

You’ll be asked to enter your password again, and from there, you can choose what you would like to transfer. You can transfer photos, videos, posts, or notes, but you can only transfer one category at a time.

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