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Can you cook a 25-pound turkey in the microwave? You won’t believe the answer

When planning your Thanksgiving dinner, you’re probably thinking about how to prepare the essentials – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, yams, cranberry sauce, rolls and so on.

And you know that if someone has never prepared a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner before, it can be a challenge. But thankfully, mom and her trusty culinary expertise can aid you in times of turkey trouble.

But of course, capitalizing on this, young adults everywhere are giving their moms a bit of grief with something so laughably outrageous, it might ruin Thanksgiving dinner altogether!

Read on and learn more about the latest Thanksgiving prank that’s spreading around!

Thanksgiving Turkey Challenge

A new viral internet prank is making the rounds with young adults texting their baffled mothers how to cook a 25-pound turkey in the microwave.

Although it’s not entirely impossible –  if you’ve ever prepared a Thanksgiving turkey dinner before, you know that microwaving a whole turkey is not advisable – it’s downright shocking to well-meaning moms who are just looking after their young adult’s welfare!

Well-intended joke or not, the replies from concerned moms all over are quite cute and hilarious. Their longstanding traditional homemade turkey recipes are under siege, after all!

Twitter user Sarah Bifano’s mom calmly texted back “Don’t ever get married” and “You’re making me pee.”

Carlos Fernandez’s mom understandably had concerns about this project’s hygiene. “You can get sick” she texted back.

Dorothy Scale’s mom had not-so-encouraging words for her “enterprising” daughter.

“That’s all I ever wished for,” she wrote. “A kid who is famous for cooking a rubbery salmonella-ridden carcass in an idiot microwave.”


Lindsay Kerr’s mom had the age-old question to her kid’s inexplicable acts  – “why.”


Jehan’s mom had an ingenious idea, though. First, put the turkey in the microwave. Then, buy a precooked one to serve. LOL

Instagram user russelldpowell’s mom had a less-than-kindly reply.

“Why in the hell would they assign u the turkey,” she wrote.”U should be in charge of napkins or wine or something.”

She also warned him that the turkey will explode and make all his friends sick. Touché.


Fortunately, no one actually cooked a whole turkey in a microwave (yet). It’s just a harmless, well-meaning prank, after all.

Have you been a victim of this viral Thanksgiving Turkey prank? Drop us a comment below! App background

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