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Can Facebook users receive $17,500 each over a ‘Data Breach’?

As time passes the mess Facebook has found itself in due to the Cambridge Analytica fiasco seems to grow. The site has responded by disclosing more information about what kind of information it collects and why, while also offering new ways for us to manage it all.

Along with that, the government is also getting involved, with Mark Zuckerberg now being set to testify before Congress on Wednesday. In his testimony, Zuckerberg is expected to take responsibility for what transpired while also detailing steps being taken to prevent it from happening again.

In time, that will all be somehow be sorted out. What Facebook will look like when it’s all over is anyone’s guess, though it’s safe to say we will receive a different version of the site. But will we also get some money out of this, too?

That’s the story, anyway…

An article making the rounds recently has given the impression that because of the Cambridge Analytica breach, Facebook users could receive $17,500 in compensation. Though you cannot put a price on privacy, money like that would probably be a good start for most.

As it turns out, you are not likely to see any kind of financial windfall over this.

According to fact-checking site Snopes, the story originated in a U.K. tabloid known as “The Sun” and was more speculation than anything else. The idea stems from a U.K. law that says people could be entitled to damages under a Data Protection Act from 1998.

According to the law, there are strict rules known as “data protection principles” that must be adhered to. Among them, information must be used fairly and lawfully, accurate, handled according to people’s data protection rights and be kept safe and secure.

What happened with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica would seem to violate at least a couple of those, and according to the act, compensation could be required if people could prove they had suffered distress over the data breach.

As much of a stretch as this may be, the law only applies to people in the U.K. so it would not apply to Americans. Furthermore, the idea that Facebook would have to pay each person $17,500 worth in damages is not based so much on fact as it is speculation, and pretty wild speculation at that.

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