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Learn new languages with the help of artificial intelligence

Learning a new language can be difficult, especially if you approach it the wrong way. Instead of cracking open a textbook or settling in for stuffy video lessons, why not gamify your learning experience?

There are several apps that offer to teach you a new language, but few offer speech recognition software and a brand new augmented reality (AR) feature to help drive the lessons home.

Much like the supplementary language learning app Memrise, this new app offers a simple and fun way to learn over 33 languages. Tap or click here to learn about Memrise. If traditional learning methods have failed you, don’t worry. This app will have you conversing with others around the world in no time.

Did you know it can be fun to learn a new language?

Mondly is the low-cost language-learning solution to pricey materials, books and courses that have failed you before. The app uses speech recognition software, as well as an AR feature to help you memorize the words and phrases you need to know.

Mondly makes it a piece of cake to tell your “fromage” from your “burros.” To get started, all you need to do is download the smartphone app for iOS or Android, or you can check out the app in your browser. Choose the language you’d like to learn and it’s off to the races.

Using expert-level speech recognition, chat bots and AI characters voiced by professional actors, Mondly will help you memorize important sentence-building words, form sentences and even hold conversations. The app listens to your words and evaluates them on the fly. It even offers positive feedback when you speak correctly.

This makes it much easier to understand whether you’re pronouncing words correctly, or using the right kind of inflection for each phrase. You’ll even learn how to pronounce words from native speakers, so you can fit right in.

But one of Mondly’s most exciting new additions is MondlyAR, which uses augmented reality to bring you a virtual teacher. You can interact with animals, foods, people and even planets, all from the comfort of your living room.

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is currently only available via smartphone, but that makes it perfect for anyone who wants to transform their space into a classroom. You can learn while waiting to pick up the kids at school, on your subway commute or when queuing up in long lines.

Mondly includes a virtual teacher that can carry on a conversation with you, offer feedback on how you’re pronouncing words and speak with a relatively human-sounding voice, which is far more interesting than flash cards.

You can opt to use the free version of the app, which is somewhat limited, or you can purchase a subscription to several, or even all, 33 languages. It’s up to you how much you want to commit, but there’s a ton of useful content within the app if you’re serious about learning.

MondlyAR is one of the paid features, of course, but with its intriguing advancements in tech, it looks well worth the investment. Once you start using Mondly, you’ll be well on your way to conversing with others who speak outside your native tongue.

Can’t wait to give it a try? We can’t either. Perhaps we’ll even make our Google Home speaker bilingual for some regular practice. Tap or click here to learn how. Buena suerte (Good luck)!

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