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Complete guide to robocalls: How to stop them once and for all

Robocalls are the most annoying modern tech drawback found on phones. In fact, when my team publishes an article on about stopping robocalls, we know it’ll be one of our most-read articles of the week.

It’s not hard to see why. Robocalls interrupt us constantly, fool us into answering with numbers that look a little too familiar, and scam Americans out of millions of dollars every year.

That’s exactly why I put together a guide to help. Learn all my best tricks for stopping annoying robocalls, in one place for easy reference. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how to get it.

Let’s get on the same page

Some robocalls are helpful, like the automated message from your doctor’s office reminding you of an appointment. We don’t mind those so much.

The calls that give robocalls a bad name are those used by telemarketers, schemers and scammers. These organizations use technology to rapidly, and somewhat randomly, dial numbers so their agents can try to get money from you. Those we mind very much.

“I just got the most helpful, informative and pleasant robocall.”

— No one ever

Just how bad are robocalls? Bad. And they’re getting worse.

Scam calls don’t show any signs of slowing down. After all, they bring in big, big money. In 2019, robocalls and scam calls cost Americans nearly $10 billion. They’re one of the most powerful tools in a scammer’s arsenal.

That’s why you need to know how to outsmart crooks and thieves. Here’s what you’ll learn in my “Complete Guide to Robocalls.”

  • The types of robocalls and where they come from
  • The latest scams and tricks that get you to give up your personal information
  • What the major phone carriers are doing to keep you safe
  • Proven tips to help you fight back, including my favorite apps

So what are you waiting for? Quit hitting “ignore” and fight back.

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