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Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Computers are meant to make our daily tasks easier but anyone who’s been using a computer long enough knows that you waste a lot of time with arm and finger movements performing commands with the mouse, keyboard or trackpad.

You probably don’t even realize it but if you think about it, you’re doing a ton of repetitive actions during the course of the day. For example, you’re typing on the keyboard, then you reach over to your mouse to perform a separate task, and then you move your hand back again, rinse and repeat. There has to be an easier way, right?

Thankfully, to streamline your workflow, there are plenty of Windows keyboard shortcuts you can start learning now. And they go beyond the Control+C to copy and Control+V to paste shortcuts.

There are actually dozens of really useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows, including new ones you can use only on Windows 10. Here are some of the most useful ones plus some of our favorite classic Windows keyboard shortcuts.

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General Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutFunction
WinDisplay or Hide the Start screen
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen the Task Manager
Win + MMinimize all windows
Win + Shift + MRestore minimized windows on the desktop
Win + ROpen the Run dialogue box
Win + F1Open Windows Help and Support
Win + Up arrowMaximize the desktop window
Win + Down arrowMinimize the desktop window
Win + plus (“+”) or minus (“-“)Zoom in or out using Magnifier
Win + LLock your PC or switch accounts.
Alt + F4Close the active item or exit the active app
Alt + EnterDisplay properties for the selected item
Control + CCopy the selected item
Control + XCut the selected item
Control + VPaste the selected item
Control + YRedo an action
Control + ZUndo an action
F1Display Help
F2Rename the selected item
F3Search for a file or folder
F4Display the address bar list in the File Explorer
F5Refresh the active window
F10Activate the menu bar in the active app

New shortcuts for Windows 10

Here are exclusive keyboard shortcuts designed for Windows 10. These are great time-savers for power users and multi-taskers who use multiple virtual desktops.

Win + QOpen Cortana for voice input
Win + SOpen Cortana for text input
Win + IOpen Windows settings pane
Win + AOpen Windows 10 Action Center
Win + XOpen Start button context menu
Win + LeftSnap active window to left
Win + RightSnap active window to right
Win + UpSnap active window to top of screen
Win + DownSnap active window to bottom of screen
Win + Ctrl + DCreate a new virtual desktop
Win + Crtl + LeftCycle through desktops to the left
Win + Ctrl + RightCycle through desktops to the right
Win + Ctrl + F4Close current desktop
Win + TABAccess all desktops and apps in Task View
Win + PrtScTake a screenshot and save it to Pictures folder
Win + GOpen the Game DVR recorder
Win + Alt + GStart recording current activity on screen
Win + Alt + RStop recording

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