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Why your phone’s battery charging slows down during hot summer months

Yikes, it’s hot outside! No matter where you live this time of year, you’re feeling it.

Whether you’re in the dry heat of the Southwest, where it’s sizzling, or the muggy heat almost everywhere else, you’re sweating. Heck, your dogs and cats feel it. They’re panting right now.

But did you know your electronics feel the heat, too? Well, maybe they don’t feel the heat, but they’re adversely affected by it.

All those circuits working inside your smartphone, for example, heat up. When you have it plugged in to charge, it’s heating up.

Then, add hot temperatures to that, and it gets too hot. The hotter it gets, the more it uses battery power.

Your smartphone may start acting unusual as the heat inches up. The most likely impact will be a fast-dying battery.

You may get other warning signs, too. That could include an actual warning on your iPhone, for instance, that alerts you with a red thermometer. It says your iPhone needs to cool down.

Apple suggests using your iPhone in temperatures up to 95 degrees. You can store it at temperatures not exceeding 113 degrees.

“Don’t leave the device in your car because temperatures in parked cars can exceed this range,” Apple warns on its support website.

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you want to avoid hot temperatures. That means, don’t leave it in direct sunlight and avoid using GPS and other energy-draining functions.

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Other Heat-Related Warning Signs

Even before you see alerts, your phone will start acting strangely if it’s getting too hot. Your display may dim.

You may not be able to charge your phone until it cools down. Worse, you may notice all summer long that your battery takes longer to charge.

There are two reasons for this. First, your phone’s battery is working harder when it’s hot. The heat can also wear down your battery. So, your battery’s sluggishness may be a sign that you need to replace it.

You may see other heat-related warning signs. The camera might not work. The cellphone signal might get weaker. And your GPS might dim or go black when your smartphone is too hot.

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How To Cool Down Your Smartphone

It can be harder than you’d think to cool down your phone. What if you work outside and you’re in the heat and direct sunlight all day? We all use our smartphones to call and text co-workers.

No matter where you are when your smartphone’s overheating, there are a few ways to cool it down. Some of these are common-sense solutions. Others are secret tips to cool down your phone, so you can get back to using it.

1. Turn off your phone, if you can, even for a few minutes

2. Dim your screen and turn off background functions like GPS and email (or put your phone in airplane mode)

3. Take your phone out of its protective case, which can lock in the heat

4. Don’t charge it

5. Put it in the shade

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