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Why is everyone talking about 5G and what do you need to know about it?

Is Donald Trump creating a new national 5G network? That’s all the buzz this week over a leaked memo that suggests the Administration is about to roll out a super-fast, national cellphone network that will top out at speeds 10 times faster than your current phone.

The important thing to note here is not that we may have a national network – President Trump and his team are already downplaying that idea. The important thing is that we may soon have a new cellphone standard that will blow your socks off.

5G is simply the next generation of cellphones. That’s noteworthy in a number of ways that will significantly transform the way you interact with the internet and internet-connected devices.

What is 5G?

Most of us are using 4G, or fourth-generation smartphones. 1G was the old cellphone on which you used to make analog calls.

2G allowed you to make digital calls and was likely the standard when you first started using a cellphone. 3G changed everything by letting you connect to the internet, which is why we now call them “smartphones.”

4G has bumped up speeds to 10 times faster than 3G. Now, of course, we’re all watching videos on our phones, chatting on messaging apps, reading content on sites like and so much more.

5G will be a lot faster than 4G. The highest speed on a 4G phone is 300 megabits per second, although most of us are getting speeds quite a bit slower than that.

The best 5G smartphones will zoom along at 1 gigabyte per second. Faster speeds mean you can do more with your smartphone than you currently can if you can imagine that.

Note: Keep reading to find out why your imagination is a critical 5G component!

3 Benefits of 5G


Each cellphone generation has had a game-changing feature. That’s speed with 4G.

5G will be so fast that you’ll be able to access content that’s currently choppy or impossible. Could you imagine watching 4K TV, with four times the resolution of standard HD?

Or maybe you’ll enjoy a smooth, realistic virtual-reality experience from your smartphone. You’ll be able to do that with 5G.

Response Time

5G is going to have much faster data transfer times than 4G phones. That’s especially important for devices like smart cars that need to react fast.

Internet of Things

You’re probably using your smartphone to open your garage door, turn down the thermostat and dim the lights. That’s 4G and it’s impressive, although nothing compared to 5G.

5G technology is going to allow cell towers to communicate with many more devices than they do now. So, while you might be getting accustomed to the idea of virtually looking inside your refrigerator from the store, that’s just the beginning.

But, Wait, Not Yet!

Unfortunately, we’re a few years off from seeing a widespread rollout of 5G. That’s why many people’s ears perked up when the Trump Administration’s 5G memo was leaked.

It suggested that 5G would be rolled out nationally by the government. However, whoever builds out 5G is going to need several more years to do it.

That’s where your imagination comes in. The bottom line is, 5G is probably not going to be widely available for a few more years.

That’s because cellphone providers are still in the early stages of developing 5G technology. That includes installing thousands of new cellphone towers all over the country – that takes a lot of time and money!

Why 5G cell towers could affect your health

Does 5G cause cancer? That may sound alarmist, but doctors all around the world are concerned that it might.

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