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Why Dell’s social awareness makes it a compelling choice for small businesses

For anyone looking to find a suitable electronics manufacturer to work in tandem with as a small business owner, it can be difficult to find the right organization. How will the company support you, and does it have the values you’re looking for that can benefit your small business? Get tech advice and one-on-one partnership to help your business grow.

Dell can help you with just that, as it’s been rated as the world’s most social company, and can use the same tenets that make the company unique in that respect to help elevate the way you do business. Dell: Tech. Advice. Partnership.

Dell takes customer concerns seriously

Many companies are keen to turn a blind eye to the frustrations of the day, even as tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, and quotes from the most popular social media platforms roll in. But Dell takes customer opinion to heart, and monitors social conversations to get ahead of what people really want, using sentiment analysis to proactively solve problems before they happen.

This same kind of problem-solving can apply to your small business, especially when you opt to stock your home office with Dell products.

Dell’s employees are given extensive social media and customer service training

It can be frustrating to have to deal with customer service when your tech starts to fall apart, but Dell strives to make the experience less of an ordeal. If you opt to use Dell products for your small business, you’ll be getting employees trained as social media professionals and brand ambassadors.

There’s a special “Social Media University” that employees must attend, and as a result better relationships are formed between users and Dell’s help team.

Dell’s own executives listen and understand

How many executives from top companies around the world, especially those you might want to do business with, actually interact with their customers on social media? Dell’s executives are avid social media users and participate in conversations.

This increases transparency between the company and consumers, and employees feel better about participating in conversations online. This translates to better relationship-building between you and Dell as a partner for your small business, and improved support should you ever need to reach out via social media channels.

When choosing a business to build a relationship with, opt for Dell and its increasingly social, customer service-oriented, and service-focused brand to jump-start your operations after you get up and running.

Opt for Dell. Get tech advice and one-on-one partnership to help your business grow.

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