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8 signs it’s time to update or replace your Android

Most Android users can agree, as mobile technology continues to evolve at a ridiculous pace, keeping up is often difficult. You become accustomed to your device, as the latest and greatest is coming off the assembly line. You’re satisfied with your current gadget and in no hurry to pick up a new phone any time soon, regardless of the enticing new features.

Over the years working with your mobile device, you may notice a few glitches here and there, but never give them a second thought. Why should you? Technology always comes with a few idiosyncrasies you take in stride.

While the issues on your Android may not be bothersome to you, they may indicate your device needs updating or replacing. How do you know when it’s time for a trade-in? Here are eight signs that it’s time to update or replace your Android gadget.

Battery runs down quickly

Spend more hours charging your mobile device than you use it? Batteries may keep going and going, but they don’t last forever.

Over time you will find yourself tethered to an outlet. Yes, there are actions you can take when your Android battery is draining in the hopes of extending the life of your mobile device. However, if the battery continues to deplete at a rapid rate, save yourself the frustration and grab a new cellphone.

Touch screen isn’t responding

If your Android has gone cold to your touch, it may be a sign you need a replacement. No amount of swiping or tapping will return the response you want. When you observe gestures are incorrectly registered or ignored, your Android is calling it a day and is begging you to move on.

Phone seems slow, not just the internet but everything

Slow and steady may win the race (on occasion), but when it comes to your Android, slow is merely slow and that’s not good. You have other tasks to tend to outside of watching your mobile device crawl through processes. Implementing this quick trick may help speed up your Android for a while, but a replacement will provide the greater operating capability for your needs.

Apps crashing

Having an app for almost every task is convenient and cool, but watching certain ones crash frequently can be soul-crushing. This occurrence may be the result of a poorly created or buggy app, insufficient system resources, or lack of storage on your Android.

Deleting a few apps can help resolve your issue, short-term. But for the long haul, you’ll want to take the leap and get yourself a new device with more resources and storage space.

Storage alerts

Is your Android continually alerting you that it is so full of photos, apps, and other files it has run out of storage space? If so, you can delete file after file upon each warning and go about your day. Alternatively, you can save yourself the hassle and consider replacing your device with a newer model that can provide ample room for all your Android goodies.

Photos lack quality

Have you photographed a gallery of pictures with your Android only to find the quality is so poor you can’t discern who or what is in them?

Unfortunately, even the best photo-editing apps may fall short of improving the resolution. With high-quality front and back camera options on many of the latest Android devices, you won’t have any trouble telling the difference between your Aunt Sue and an Evergreen in any future photos.

Your screen is cracked

This one should be obvious. A cracked screen on your Android is bad news. In addition to making the affected screen areas impossible to see, a busted screen makes navigation impractical and allows for further damage to your phone, potentially destroying your data along with your device.

If you carry insurance, get your screen repaired. If you don’t, take the opportunity to protect your digital information with a new Android.

It’s vintage

Let’s face it; if you still use the multi-tap method of texting, or your Android was manufactured in the previous decade, it’s time to experience the world of new devices that are visually appealing, lightweight, faster and more efficient than those of days-gone-by.

Don’t be left standing in a cloud of nostalgic dust with a mobile device that can barely perform routine tasks a new mobile device can tackle without issue. While antiquated Androids make for great coffee table talk, they are best suited for selling on eBay or hiding away in your closet.

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