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This trade-in site tells you how much your old iPhone or Android is worth

How much is an old phone worth? It depends on many things. Luckily, you can use a great tool to assess your old smartphone’s value.

Android devices and iPhones are included in this incredible resource. It takes things like carrier, storage capacity, and condition, using real-world quotes from actual refurbishers and trade-in retailers. Tap or click here for steps to take with your old phone before you sell it or give it away.

If you’re hoping to trade in, this site is for you. Keep reading for all the details.

Buy or sell smartphones on UpTradeIt

UpTradeIt can be used in multiple ways. You can check the tool to see how much your old smartphone is worth and even trade it or sell it for cash. Or, you can buy used devices from others to save money on an upgrade without paying full retail.

To see how much an old phone is worth, visit the UpTradeIt site to use its in-browser phone trade-in calculator. To begin, click Trade in/Sell and select a phone category including Apple, Samsung or Google.

  • Next, click the Get Quotes button.
  • Now you’ll choose if you want to trade in your device or sell it for cash. You’ll also select your carrier, the phone’s storage space and what condition it’s in.
  • After entering this information, you’ll see how much you can earn through different trade-in retailers, including Apple, major phone carriers and more. Selecting the cash option will show you how much your device is worth when selling it.

The process takes seconds, and you’ll know exactly what you’ll get when you take the plunge. You can also see phones being sold by other people through various outlets on the web. Start again from the homepage. But this time under the Buy a Phone heading.

  • Choose Apple, Samsung, or Google.
  • Hit the See More button to find every listing in your category.
  • Search for a device or browse using a filter.

You’ll find many reviews and phone value ratings that can help compare gadgets. This online tool is free to use and can be a lifesaver for those interested in upgrading but unsure where to begin. 

Tips for selling your old phone

Our best advice for those hoping to maximize their trade-in return value includes:

  • Clean your phone before taking it to trade.
  • Use a case for the entire time you own it.
  • Use a plastic screen protector (and have the seller stick it on for you!).
  • Keep the box and everything that came with the device initially.

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