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The secret to make your cell phone calls sound better

Presented by Raycon

Presented by Raycon

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Ready or not, we’re all living in a new reality now — at least for the foreseeable future. With people working from home and separated from loved ones, all of us are spending way more time using our smartphones for actual calls. Imagine that!

If you’re talking with business contacts or just chatting more with friends and family, you know how annoying bad audio is. Instead of relying on your phone’s tinny speaker, upgrade to a pair of nice earbuds.

And if you’re looking for quality sound at an affordable price, we’ve got you covered. Raycon earbuds cost half the price of other premium wireless earbuds on the market and, even better, you don’t sacrifice any of the sound quality.

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“Wait, what’d you say?”

Nothing is more annoying than your audio dropping in and out an important call or missing every other word. When that happens with friends or family, sure, you can deal with it. When you’re meeting a client for the first time or talking to your boss? Not so much.

Stop struggling to hear through your smartphone’s speaker. Earbuds put your calls (literally) in your ears, making it worlds easier to hear every word. Raycon earbuds come equipped with a built-in microphone, and the person on the other end of the line will hear you loud and clear.

There are no annoying wires to get in the way, so you can multitask while you talk. Raycon earbuds pair via Bluetooth 5.0 to Android and iPhone. Here are a few other features you’ll love:

  • 24-hour battery life – The included charging capsule charges your earbuds when you’re not using them, so you don’t have to.
  • Water-resistant – Raycon’s use IPX4 water and sweat resistant technology. Put them in while you’re getting in a workout or lounging by the pool.
  • Great fit – With six different gel tips included, you’ll get the perfect snug fit.

High quality at a fraction of cost

When’s the last time you went online headphone or earbud shopping? From Sonos to AirPods to Bose, prices are off the charts. But there’s simply no reason to drop hundreds of dollars. Raycon earbuds deliver quality sound whether you’re on a call, listening to a podcast, blasting music or catching up on your favorite shows.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. You can try Raycon earbuds for 45 days. If you’re not thrilled with them, send them back. Shipping is free in the U.S., and Raycon has a 1-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can’t beat that.

Get 15% off your order at Use promo code KIM15.

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