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Sponsor: 9 sudden ways you could lose all your precious data

No matter where you turn, there’s always something threatening your devices. Some of these threats boil down to pure clumsiness. Others involve leaving your device open to hacks or clicking a bad link that unleashes a malware infection.

Still, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how your data was lost, does it? What matters is that all of your files, photos, videos and other documents are gone forever.

With ransomware’s continuous rise to the top of cybersecurity threats in 2017, we’re constantly warning you about protecting your devices and backing up all of your data with our sponsor, IDrive. But, we get it. The threat of ransomware doesn’t feel immediate. It’s out there, somewhere, and many people can attest to its devastating impact, but what are the odds of you personally being targeted?

While the threat of ransomware is real, and there is definitely a chance it could happen to you personally, we want to remind everyone that a malware infection isn’t the only reason you should be backing up your data. Customers rely on IDrive to backup all their devices in case of an emergency, regardless of the form that emergency comes in. Click here and start backing up your data today with IDrive’s Universal Backup, and save 50 percent when you use promo code KIM at checkout. Keep reading for nine reasons why this is a good idea.

1. Water damage

It happens to the best of us. A slip near the kitchen sink while doing the dishes, a plunge into the pool (or, heaven forbid – the toilet). If you act quickly, there are things you can do to rescue your gadget from water damage. But it’s not a sure thing that your device will ever function properly again or even power back on.

2. Theft

You only turned your back for a few seconds, but now your phone or tablet is gone. Someone has snatched it up while you weren’t looking, and now they’re wiping your gadget clean so they can sell it on Craigslist. If you happened to install the Prey Anti Theft app on your device, there is a chance you can track it down. If not, you can file a police report and take your chances. But, most likely, you’re going to have to accept that your gadget (and all of its contents) are gone for good.

3. Accidents and falls

Water isn’t the only force of nature that can wreak havoc on your device. Gravity is another thing that can cause enough damage to shut it down. And you don’t have to be multiple stories up in the air to produce a fall that renders your phone or tablet unusable. A drop from just a few feet that lands in the right way can shatter your screen and break your gadget’s internal components.

4. Software malfunctions

You just installed a new program on your Android tablet when all of a sudden your device crashes. Could it be that the new software is overwhelming your system and causing things to malfunction? Sometimes these issues are small, affecting a single program. But sometimes the code interacts with other programs and causes problems throughout your entire system. And, unfortunately, many personal files are lost by the mere fact that you can no longer run the program you need to open them.

5. Hardware malfunctions

How old is your phone? How about your tablet and computer? If your answer was anything more than a few years, there’s a significant chance you’re about to encounter some hardware malfunctions. As gadgets age, their parts become less and less capable of performing the tasks you need on a daily basis. Eventually, your hard drive will crash, rendering your gadget unusable. Click here to see if your hard drive is about to start failing.

6. Updating your operating system

It’s always a gamble when you update your device to the latest and greatest operating system. Yes, those updates include security patches that are essential for your system. But, will all your apps still work properly? And will all your photos still be accessible? Developers try their best to work out the bugs before an update goes public, but (as we all know) things don’t always go according to plan.

7. Fire damage/overheating

Remember the exploding battery debacle Samsung users encountered last year? Galaxy Note 7 devices were even banned from airplanes because there was a chance they might explode at any minute.

Samsung promises that the problem is fixed, but the threat still exists for any gadget that relies on a Lithium Ion battery. Considering that’s pretty much every gadget out there, this is a risk you should take seriously. Plus, it’s not just fire that can make your gadget unusable. Even leaving your device in the car during these hot summer months can lead to severe overheating.

8. Losing your gadget

Have you ever paid for your dinner at a restaurant, packed up your things and headed home, only to later discover you left your cellphone on the table? Or maybe you’ve attended a concert and your phone slipped out of your jacket pocket.

No matter the situation, losing your phone can be devastating. Sure, there’s a chance that a good Samaritan will find it and turn it in to the Lost and Found. But there’s also the chance that the person who finds it will take it home with them – or that your device will never be found at all. Click here for a little trick to help track it down – but remember, it may not be recoverable.

9. Upgrading to a new phone

The Verizon Wireless rep promised that upgrading to a new phone would be a piece of cake. “We’ll just transfer everything to the cloud, then install it on your new device.”

That all sounds great until you realize half of your photos are missing. Where did they go, exactly? Well, you may not have had enough free storage available to back up your device completely.

Protect your data from the unexpected

No one ever plans to lose all their data. It just happens, and it’s usually completely unexpected. From drops and spills to theft and software upgrades, your data is more vulnerable than you realize. Oh, yeah… and did we mention there’s also the potential threat of ransomware

We realize there’s no shortage of options when it comes to data backup services. But, when you compare these services, the best solution becomes clear. IDrive offers the most protection for the lowest price, which makes the value of the product incredible.

Unlike most backup services that charge per computer or device, IDrive lets you backup data on every internet enabled device on one account. This means you get one account for your computers, laptops, tablets, phones as well as your online accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

Plus, plans start at just $5.95 per month for 2TB of storage. So, why take the chance of losing all your files to an unexpected catastrophe? For less than your morning cup of coffee, you can have peace of mind and know that an easy backup recovery is available, whenever and wherever you need it. 

Don’t go another day without covering your bases and protecting your data with IDrive’s Universal Backup. As a listener of the Kim Komando show you can save even more! Click here to save 50% on 2 TB of cloud backup storage when you use promo code KIM at checkout!

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