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Sponsored: Three things you probably didn’t know about your backup service

Gadget disasters can strike anytime. We sometimes take for granted how our computers, tablets and phones seem to work all the time … until they don’t. Will all the physical and digital threats lurking out there, the unthinkable can happen in a heartbeat.

Ransomware, theft, physical damage, data corruption – it can happen to the best of the lot. Think about all the priceless personal photos, videos and personal documents you have accumulated through the years, these can be lost forever in an instant! If you sincerely care about your precious data, you’ll definitely need a cost-effective and reliable backup service that will cover all your bases.

This is the reason why we chose IDrive as our backup partner. Not only is it dependable, efficient and fast, it has key features that other backup services simply can’t offer! In fact, going head to head with its competitors, PC World just named IDrive the best overall online backup service.

Here are three things that you probably didn’t know IDrive has many other backup services.

1. File restrictions

Although some backup services do offer unlimited storage space, they have restrictions on what types of files you will be able to save. Plus, you’re limited to one computer per account.

That’s not the case with IDrive. Unlike most backup services that charge per computer or device, IDrive lets you backup data on every internet enabled gadget in one account. This means you get one account for your computers, laptops, tablets, phones with no file restrictions whatsoever.

IDrive can even back up your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, an option you rarely see on other backup services. Just think of what would happen if someone stole your social media account and you lose access to everything you’ve ever posted! IDrive has you covered in case this happens to you.

2. Physical backup

We get it, uploading your first backup will take time. If you have tons of data, it might take days, weeks, or even months before that initial backup is completed online.

IDrive has the perfect solution for this. It’s called IDrive Express and it lets you save your initial backup on an external hard drive that IDrive will ship to you for free! On other backup services, initial backups can only be done over the internet and depending on your upload speeds, this can take forever.

However, as soon as you sign up for IDrive, you can immediately put in the request for the external storage device and IDrive will ship it to you with everything you need already included. This option will definitely save you a lot of time and frustration that you’d otherwise spend uploading your initial backup online. Think of all the bandwidth you can save!

While other backup services have similar courier services, they can only be used in emergency recovery situations and at a very high cost. IDrive Express, on the other hand, is a service personal customers can use for free once per year, both for backups and recoveries, with an option to make additional requests at a reasonable rate.

3. Cost

Having a secure online backup of your files need not be expensive and guess what, IDrive is the most affordable option of them all!

Unlike other backup services that charge for each computer, for less than $35 for the first year, you can store up to 2TB of data with a single IDrive account. With this account, you can backup any and all computers, tablets, phones, and Facebook or Instagram accounts in your household – enough for the whole family!

IDrive even offers free 5GB accounts so you can try this fantastic service out first and see that it’s right for you.

Ready for a better backup? Switch to IDrive today to save 50% on all your backup needs and get 2TB of storage for less than $35!

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