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Safeguard your music collection in the Cloud

How large is your digital music collection? If you’re like any average person, you’re most likely to have folders within folders of song and album files stashed away in your computer’s music library.

Similar to photos and videos, particular songs and albums evoke specific feelings and memories – our own personal life soundtrack if you will. For most of us, protecting our music collections is as important as securing our personal files.

Look, even with all the music streaming services available now, there’s nothing like owning a copy of a song or album that has helped shaped you into who you are now. Offline or online, it’s comforting to know that you can listen to your favorite iconic rock song anytime your heart desires it.

But what if the dreaded computer disaster strikes? It could be anything – a nasty virus or malware, a hard drive crash, a natural disaster. The thing is, your computer and its hardware will not last forever.

Are you sure you’re taking the right precautions to secure your data, including your music collection that took you years to build?

Back them all up in the Cloud!

Let’s say you are the careful type and like any prudent computer owner, you already have a copy of your entire music collection saved in an external hard drive. That’s great! However, external drives eventually fail, too. Even worse, if you’re keeping the drive connected to your computer, that offers no protection from malware or natural disasters.

For more secure backup solutions, tech-savvy people are increasingly relying on Cloud backup services to protect their priceless files from unexpected digital disasters.

However, with changes to some prominent music storage services, for example, Amazon Music’s retirement of storage subscription plans this year, a number of backup services are shifting away from personal accounts.

So who still has your back when it comes to securing your music library? Well, our sponsor IDrive, of course.

Play it again, IDrive

Why is IDrive such a good backup solution for your massive music library?

Well, if you have hundreds of gigabytes of music files, imagine the time it will take to upload them all to the Cloud! It might take days, even months, to cover them all.

Fortunately, IDrive has a service called IDrive Express. While other backup services clog your bandwidth when you upload your files, IDrive Express jump starts your initial backup, using a shipped USB physical drive method!

This means you can save all your important files, including your entire music collection locally on the IDrive Express drive, then simply ship it back to them! Weeks of file uploads cut down to mere hours. Now, that’s really convenient!

IDrive, by default, will also preselect your computer’s default Music folder, as well as your Document and Videos folders for automatic backup. And, of course, you can select any folder or file location you want to include in your backup.

And here’s the best thing about backing up your music files with IDrive. You can play your songs directly in IDrive’s iOS, Android and desktop apps without downloading them. Yep, you can play your music straight off the Cloud. It’s like your own personal music streaming service!

And in case you didn’t know, unlike other backup services that charge per device, IDrive lets you backup data on every internet enabled gadget in one account.

This means you only need a single account for backing up your family’s computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. And you can share your entire music library with them, too!

With IDrive, you can backup all your PCs, Macs and mobile devices into ONE account for one low cost! Go to and use promo code Kim to receive an exclusive offer!

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