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Sponsored: “Help! My hard drive crashed!” – Real stories that prove data backup is essential

It’s easy to say, “It will never happen to me.” We say that about everything, don’t we? Health issues, car accidents, house fires, theft – there are hundreds of things that could go wrong at any given moment.

One thing many people don’t think about is what would happen if they lost all their data. Recently, we shared nine sudden ways you could lose everything stored on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Water damage, theft, accidents – you name it. Click here for more details on how these things threaten your data each day, and six more ways your data could be gone in an instant.

If you don’t want to take that risk any longer, there’s only one solution. Of course, we’re talking about IDrive.

IDrive’s backup service is not only affordable, it also offers more storage and covers more devices. You can take our word for it (since you know you can always trust our advice), but you can also hear it straight from the source: actual customers who’ve tried it, and love it!


Everyone can relate. You have your files on your computer or laptop, but they’re both at work. Then suddenly, a sales opportunity arises, but you don’t have your resources.

It’s an awful feeling, being out on the go without access to the documents you need. That’s what nearly happened to Naomi, who later tweeted, “The day has been saved by @idrive cloud backup. I was able to access the files I urgently needed today via my @samsung galaxy tab 2.”

We’re sharing Naomi’s story because it points out one of IDrive’s best features. With the IDrive mobile app, you can access all of your files from your smartphone or tablet, whenever you need them. Click here to see how IDrive can protect all of your devices in one, convenient account.


Sometimes we have a hunch when something is about to go wrong. That’s what happened to Victor. His computer was older, and he was beginning to experience some performance issues. Luckily, he signed up for IDrive before his PC crashed for good.

“I usually keep all my personal data in a micro SD card,” Victor explained. “It was only 2GB, so it didn’t really hold a lot. One day, I got a new one that was 4GB – not a lot, but it was still an upgrade – and that’s how I passed everything around (photos and videos) for four years.”

Unfortunately, the larger drive had problems. “The new 4GB micro SD card was defective and corrupted everything,” Victor said, recalling how he lost all of his data. “For days I installed countless apps that would recover the corrupt data, but was only able to recover four photos.”

This experience was eye-opening. “I was stressing out so much thinking I lost every good memory I had captured forever. But then I remembered IDrive! I quickly logged in to see if I had everything backed up, and – to my relief – everything was there!”

Thanks to IDrive, Victor was able to successfully restore all of the photos and videos he thought he’d lost. And now, he says he’ll always keep his files backed up “just in case, for rainy days.”

Why IDrive?

When you sign up for IDrive’s Universal Backup, it’s easy to protect each device in your household. Simply install the software on the gadgets you’d like to cover and manage your account from a single user dashboard. The data from each device will be organized in individual folders within your account.

IDrive’s Universal Backup covers all of the operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Plus, you can take advantage of the social media backup tool, and create a safe archive for the posts, photos and videos you’ve shared on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Plans start at just $5.95 per month for 2 TB of storage, which is less than your morning cup of coffee! And as a listener of my show, you can save even more! Click here to save 50 percent on 2 TB of cloud backup storage!

Enjoy these additional perks

The ability to backup multiple devices with one account isn’t the only reason IDrive is the best choice out there. There are over 20 unique features that set IDrive apart from the rest. Features such as file sharing, speed and archive cleanup come in handy for the everyday user. And server backup, compliance help and express transfers are essential for those with small businesses! Check out this massive list of IDrive benefits by clicking here!

Don’t leave your data at risk of being lost forever! Click here to save 50 percent on 2 TB of cloud backup storage with Universal Backup from IDrive!

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