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Speed and power – how does the iPhone Xs hold up?

Welcome to the iPhone XS era: where bigger is better, speed is the in-thing, and efficiency is the order of the day. The two new iPhones, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, are already in the market with a third one along the way and currently causing some waves in the smartphone industries. Here is a glimpse of what you should expect:

The speed of the iPhone XS

Speed that thrills kills, right? Well, while that is true for transportation, for communication, speed is everything and faster is always better. And this is why the recently launched iPhone XS is a force to reckon with — thanks to its A12 Bionic processor.

According to Apple, the A12 Bionic processor is not only fast but is also good for battery life and is more equipped for machine learning. Apple also noted that it is one of the first consumer chips to use a 7nm process.

Back in 2017, Apple introduced the iconic A11 Bionic processor to the world, which elevated it to the alpha position in the smartphone industry. The A11-powered iPhones outperformed phones with Kirin 970 chips and Snapdragon 845 in benchmark tests.

But the A11 Bionic processor was just a test of more to come. Fast-forward; in 2018, it has gone even bigger with a much faster processor, the A12 Bionic processor.

The A12 Bionic processor has a pair of performance cores that increase the performance speed by 15 percent while reducing power consumption by 40 percent when compared to the A11. There are also four efficiency cores that optimize power consumption.

The A12’s new GPU improves your gaming experience, if you are a gamer, by increasing the speed by 50 percent. The neural engine, dedicated to machine learning also increases your iPhone’s number of operations per second.

There is no doubt that the A12 Bionic processor outshines its older sibling, the A11. But best of all, it outpaces even members outside the family such as the Snapdragon 845, which power top Android phones.  So when it comes to speed, with the backing of the A12 Bionic processor, the iPhone Xs do not disappoint.

Battery life of the iPhone Xs

While it is true that iPhones are still lagging when it comes to their battery performance, it seems the iPhone XS is enjoying some improvements. By incorporating the A12 Bionic processor, the iPhone battery life has improved considerably. After all, using a smaller process means better power efficiency.

The iPhone XS beats the iPhone X in longevity by 30 minutes. The iPhone XS Max can last an hour and a half longer than the iPhone X. Suffice to say between the two, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, it is the XS Max that has a longer battery lifespan, lasting almost an hour longer than the XS. The iPhone XS Max can manage to go all day on a single charge.

Besides the above features, there are many more reasons why people are excited about iPhone X. They include gorgeous design, Face ID, wireless charging, fantastic cameras, as well as the latest and greatest hardware. So, take some time, learn more about them, and make the decision whether owning one is good for you.

For the trendsetters, one question remains: will iPhone XS speed and power hold up? Share your thoughts with us here.

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