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How to easily share content between Android phones

Ever had the sudden need to share a picture or file with someone you’re speaking with? Good news! There’s no longer the need to send a message or type an email to share content. This feature will let you instantly transfer content between Android devices.

Before you transfer any files, however, it’s best to make sure your device is free of viruses. Tap or click for four easy signs to tell if your Android has a virus.

Let’s go over how this feature works, how to set it up and more. Read on for everything you need to know to make file sharing with your Android device easier than ever before.

What is Android Beam and how does it work?

Beam is Android’s NFC file transfer feature. If you’ve ever paid for anything with your phone by holding it over a keypad for a few seconds, you’ve seen NFC technology at work. It stands for near-field communications and does exactly what it sounds like: transmits data between devices based on proximity.

It’s not just for checking out, though. You can use it to share photos, videos, links or anything else you like with another Android user.

First, make sure both are equipped with NFC technology and that it’s toggled on. You can find out in your Settings app if NFC is available. Both devices also need Android Beam enabled. Then, tap the “Touch to Beam” prompt that appears on the screen. See, we told you it was simple.

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How to enable NFC and Android Beam

Before you can dive into sharing your photos or directions to the restaurant you plan to try out, you should make sure your phone has everything you’ll need and all the appropriate features have been enabled. Luckily, this is a simple process on any Android device. Note: Steps may differ depending on your phone’s maker and model.

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select the Connected Devices tab
  3. Select Connection preferences
  4. You should see NFC and Android Beam options
  5. Enable them both
  6. If you do not see an NFC slider, your phone unfortunately likely does not support NFC or Android Beam

Once you’ve mastered easy file sharing with Android Beam, you might want to consider the cleanliness of your device. Not just because it’ll be pressed up against somebody else’s phone but because phones are notorious hotbeds for microbes.

Tap or click here to see the best antimicrobial cases for both iPhone and Android.

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