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Great site to sell your old tech without the hassle

Got a bunch of old tech gadgets you want to get rid of? Maybe you have an old Kindle lying around or an iPhone you kept for emergencies that you no longer need. Selling them off will let you make a quick buck instead of collecting dust.

There are tons of options for selling old stuff online. You may want to use an auction site like eBay or a community hub like Facebook Marketplace. There are also options like retail giant Amazon, which will let you list the items you want to sell. Getting rid of an old gadget? Here’s the No. 1 thing you must do first.

The problem is not all of these options are as user-friendly or hassle-free as you’d hope. But there is one site that takes a lot of the headache out of selling stuff online. It makes it easy to offload your old tech when you’re ready. Here’s how it works.

What is Decluttr?

Are you familiar with Decluttr? This website is a great option to use when you want to sell things online.

You can use Decluttr to sell all your tech-related gadgets, from old phones, Kindles, Apple products, Macbooks and smartwatches to video game consoles and even Blu-rays and DVDs. If it’s a tech-related gadget, chances are, Decluttr offers you the ability to sell it.

But while this site can help you easily offload unwanted tech, it doesn’t work quite like the other sites listed above. Unlike eBay or LetGo, Decluttr doesn’t require you to auction off your phone or smartwatch to buyers using the site.

The process of selling is much more streamlined on this site. Decluttr purchases your phone from you directly, so there is no need to create a listing, write a description, upload photos or negotiate with buyers — all of which can take time out of your busy day.

When you sell your old tech to Decluttr, the process is streamlined. All you really have to do is upload some information about the devices you want to sell and you’ll be offered an instant price quote that is good for 28 days.

You won’t need to dig up the old charger, original box or any of the accessories either. The price you’re offered is for the device only. That isn’t always the case when you’re selling your phone on other sites. Most buyers expect a phone or smartwatch to come with the charger and the box, but Decluttr doesn’t.

Wondering what the price trade-off is for the convenience of using this site? There isn’t one. The payout for tech devices sold on Decluttr is especially good, and the site tries to offer prices that are close to what you’d get on those other sites.

It also pays, on average, about 33% more than your phone carrier would if you were to trade in or sell back your phone to them. And, if you’re quoted a price that Decluttr decides it can’t honor after it receives your device, it will be returned to you for free.

How does Decluttr work?

Want to start selling your items on Decluttr? Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Start by getting a valuation on your items. You’ll need to select the make, model and condition of your phone or tech device.
  2. You’ll get an instant offer from Decluttr with the amount you’ll be paid for your device.
  3. Like the offer? Print the free shipping label and package up your device. You can use any box you like, but make sure it’ll keep your items safe during transit.
  4. Drop your box off at your nearest shipping location and they’ll handle the rest. You can use the UPS store or UPS drop-off location, or you can use an authorized UPS dealer tas your drop-off.
    • Remember that the site locks in this valuation for 28 days, so you should have plenty of time to send in your device without losing the offer price.
    • Don’t worry about the shipping carrier losing your phone during this process. All of your items are fully insured during transit.
  5. Get paid.
    • Your items will arrive at the Decluttr warehouse a few days after you ship. The team checks them over and removes any personal data, and then they’ll pay you by direct deposit the day after.

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That’s really all it takes to sell your tech with Decluttr. You can even choose between a couple of payment options: direct deposit, PayPal or you can donate the money to charity. Easy, quick payment and no hassle. What’s not to like?

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