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Secret Android phone settings
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Quickly access the secret menu on your Android phone

When cellphones first came out, they did one thing: make phone calls. Our smartphones now are supercomputers stored in our pockets, and most of us don’t tap into their true potential. Tap or click here for seven things you didn’t know your Android could do.

From hacks and tricks to secret options, iOS and Android have hidden ways to get the most out of your expensive accessory. If you own an Android phone, there’s a hack that you might find handy.

If your phone is malfunctioning or you are curious to check out new features, you can locate a diagnostics menu to assist you. Certain Android smartphones have a secret menu, and we’ll show you how to find it.

What’s in the secret menu

This secret menu was developed for technicians to quickly look at your phone and see what was functioning or what wasn’t. As it was designed for technicians, not everyone knows about the menu.

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If your phone is malfunctioning, you can test the diagnostics menu to see if certain features function correctly. You can check the components of your phone like the display, speaker, S-Pen and more.

This feature is only available on specific Samsung models, so not everyone will have access.

How to locate it

Instead of tapping on the back of your phone or swiping a finger, this menu can be pulled up using the dialing pad. Here’s how:

  • Open the dialing pad as if you were making a phone call.
  • Type *#0*#.
  • The menu will appear automatically.

The diagnostics menu will pop up as a grey screen with white buttons. Be careful what you press, though, as this menu was made for trained technicians, not everyday users.

Push a button to see the related test, and you can cycle through to find the helpful ones.

Backing out

Once you open the diagnostics menu, the way to close it isn’t visible. Depending on your phone model, there are a few techniques to back out of the secret menu.

You can swipe back twice if you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. You can also hold down the power button. If your phone has a home button, you can press this to exit out of the secret menu.

If these don’t work, you can attempt to use the back button.

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