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How to screenshot an entire webpage on iPhone
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You can screenshot an entire webpage on your iPhone – Here’s how

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The ability to take a screenshot on your iPhone has long been a handy feature. But what if you wanted to save an entire webpage and view it later to avoid taking dozens of screenshots?

Good news. Now you can. Keep reading to find out how to take a screenshot of an entire webpage on your iPhone.

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While screenshotting is helpful, it can be a pain to organize them to read an article, recipe or story that you’ve grabbed online. The good news is you can save an entire article in PDF format on your iPhone to view offline later.

Keep in mind this can only be done in the Safari browser. It does not work in Chrome or other apps. Here’s how to screenshot an entire webpage:

  • Open the webpage in Safari you want to save.
  • Take a screenshot the normal way, by pressing the lock and volume button at the same time.
  • Tap the preview that appears.
  • At the top, you have two options, Screen or Full Page.
  • Select Full Page.

I’ve got the screenshot, now where do I put it?

While taking a full-page screenshot is as easy as taking a regular screenshot, saving the screenshot can get a little tricky. Full-page screenshots are not saved to photos like typical screenshots. So, where do they go?

When you save the screenshot, it will tell you to either delete it or save it as a PDF to Files. You will be given multiple options. You can save it on your iCloud drive or a folder you’ve created. You can also create a folder to save your full page screenshots so you can quickly locate them in the future:

  • Click Done when you finish editing your full page screenshot.
  • Choose save as a PDF to Files.
  • Choose an option such as your iCloud drive, or a particular folder.
  • Create a new folder by clicking the folder icon located near the save option.
  • Hit Save.

Can I save full-pages of anything?

Unfortunately, no. You still can’t save full-page screenshots of things like conversations from your messages app.

You can only take full-page screenshots of items that appear in the Safari browser, so for now, that’s just webpages. Hopefully, Apple will expand this feature to apps like messenger and messages in the future.

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