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One trick to recover your lost phone or tablet (But you have to do this NOW!)  

Argh! There’s really nothing worse these days than losing your smartphone or tablet.

Seriously, the idea of losing it makes your skin crawl. You have so much of your life stored on it, including contacts, with their names and phone numbers. That’s just for starters.

You have all your business contacts saved there, and probably nowhere else. You have all your family members’ phone numbers and your friends’ numbers, too. The days of remembering those digits are long gone.

But you also have documents saved to your devices. You may have your medical records on your Android smartphone or your Apple iPhone.

You have precious photos and videos. You have your alarm clock all set up on your phone and countless entries in your calendar.

So, losing it can be a shattering experience that upends your personal life and work life for days or weeks. Keep reading for one simple way to alert people who find your smartphone or tablet that you’ve lost it, with instructions on how they can get it back to you.

Tip in a Tip: How to stop hackers from using “Find my Device” to lock your gadget with ransomware.


There are apps to help you find your phone, whether it’s something like T-Mobile’s FamilyWhere app that comes pretty close to pinpointing Androids and iPhones on a map. Or, if you have an iPhone, you can use its built-in feature Find My iPhone to locate it.

But what if someone else finds your smartphone? Say you’re boarding a plane and leave it behind as the plane’s doors close.

Most people who find your smartphone will want to get it back to you. But if your phone’s contents are locked behind passwords and encrypted biometric barriers, like a fingerprint scan, they’re out of luck.

To protect your valuable smartphone, make sure to save your contact information as wallpaper to your lock screen. Keep reading for an easy way to do this, whether you’re an Android or iPhone user.

Here’s an example of what kind of information you can include on the wallpaper:

Bonus: Keep reading for an extra layer of protection, so you never lose your digital data again.

Android Smartphone

A simple way to save your contact information to your lock screen is to take a photo of it and save it as wallpaper. You can type up your contact information in a Word document, Google Doc or even Paint.

Once you do that, take a photo of it. To save your wallpaper to your lock screen: Click on Gallery >> select that image >> More >> select Set As Wallpaper >> choose Home and Lock Screens.

Note: You may need to slightly alter these steps to save your image to your lock screen, depending on the manufacturer of your Android smartphone.



Once you’ve saved your contact information as a photo on your iPhone, you can save that wallpaper to your lock screen. Here’s how:

1. Settings >> Wallpaper >> choose New Wallpaper

2. Select the image with your contact information on it

3. Move the image or pinch it until it fits your iPhone screen

4. Set Lock Screen or Set Both

Backup Your Files

Do not skip this step, especially if you save photographs and important documents to your desktop computer or laptop. You must back up everything.

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