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screenshots from the Notepin app for Android
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This genius Android app has a feature we wish was built in

Notifications are useful for keeping track of everything from upcoming flights to group chats to delivery updates.

When your phone is locked, notifications from apps (including messages), can pop up on your phone. If you’re caught unaware, prying eyes can see what’s happening on your phone. Tap or click here for simple steps to hide notifications on your phone’s lock screen.

We check out the notification area on our phones all day long. We also write reminder notes for upcoming events, shopping and to-do lists. Wouldn’t it be great to combine notes and notifications so you can stay on top of things? There’s an Android app that does just that.

Take note of the Notepin app

Your phone’s notepad is a handy tool that eliminates the need to carry around a pen and paper. But as you write more notes, it’s more difficult to keep track of them. You can label your notes with a date, but you’ll need to constantly check on them to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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Notepin is an Android app that lets you pin notes to your phone’s notification area. Most of us constantly check notifications — as we get emails, texts and other alerts. You might as well make that area of your phone more useful.

With the Notepin app, you can pin a reminder to wish someone a happy birthday to your notifications. You can add a shopping list for tomorrow’s trip to the hardware store, or get a reminder for an upcoming work meeting, along with the notes you prepared for it.

Unlike regular reminders or standard notifications, these notes won’t just disappear if you dismiss them. You’ll see that reminder every time you visit your phone’s notification area until you delete it from the app itself. Here’s an example of what it would look like:

Once you have Notepin installed, tap the plus + icon to add a new note and include a title and description. You can pin a note to your notification bar, which prevents you from accidentally swiping it away.

Organize your notes by priority and color — red for high, green for medium and blue for low priority. Or you can put them in order by most recently added first or most recently added last.

Notepin is free to use. For a one-time charge of 99 cents, you can upgrade to remove ads and unlock dark mode.

Don’t just take our word for it. One reviewer wrote, “Exactly what I’ve been looking for, and exactly as it’s described plus super easy to use. If you’re incredibly forgetful like me I definitely recommend this!”

Another happy user wrote, “Awesome app this helps me to finish my tasks, goals and to-do list and I also don’t forget them because notes come in the notification and notifications can’t be deleted.”

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