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Switching from Apple iPhone to Android
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Easily move from iPhone to Android with this new app

Apple and Android fans are as loyal as can be. Once you’ve chosen an operating system, most likely, you’ll stick with it for years. Since you are an Android fan, tap or click here for hidden features you should be using.

While brand loyalty is immense, there is the occasion when someone decides to switch from an iPhone to an Android. Thankfully Google is trying to make the process easier with a new app.

If you or someone you know would like to give Android a shot, follow this guide to make the switch easy.

What is Switch To Android?

Google recently announced a brand-new feature for former Apple fans, switching between iPhone and Android. This new “switch” campaign is a service designed to make the transition smooth and pain-free. You can check out an overview from Google here.

Mostly, it feels like a warm welcome laid out for new Android users. The site reassures you that you’re about to enter a new world of enhanced security, more privacy and extended functionality.

How to switch from iPhone to Android with Google

To get started, you’ll need to download the latest version of Google Drive for iOS.

Sign in to your account or create a new one if necessary. You’re going to use the app to back up the content of your iPhone to the cloud. Connect to a secure source of Wi-Fi before you begin.

To back up iPhone data to Google Drive:

  • Tap the three-line hamburger menu at the top-left of the Google Drive app.
  • Tap Settings > Backup.
  • Tap Start backup.

After the migration is complete, the official Android page asks that you disable both iMessage and FaceTime. This guarantees that nobody will try to get ahold of you through your previous OS when you’re entirely done transitioning to your new phone.

Now, install Google Drive on your Android device. Once you log in with the same Google account you used for the old phone, your new phone will be populated with the stuff you backed up. You’ll be able to import your complete profile through Google Photos, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and the rest.

Apps are one spotty area to be aware of. There are tons of iOS apps unavailable on Android. While you might need to hunt down your favorites on your own time, this process still has you covered in terms of your media and data.

New iOS app makes switching to Android easy

You’ll be able to follow the previous guide on any iPhone and apply them to any Android. But there is a new iOS app that might make the process even easier. You can use the free Switch To Android app, and it works like a charm. It’ll walk you through the steps to making the switch. Victory is imminent.

What Awaits Former iPhone Users on the Other Side?

If you’re new to Android, you’ll find many new features and gizmos to explore. Some are reminiscent of features found in the Apple ecosystem. Others can be considered Android exclusives.

Should you make the switch? There are more than a few compelling arguments. Among them:

  • Apple is an entirely closed system, whereas Android allows for some flexibility and customization.
  • Google Assistant is fantastic, and some prefer this virtual assistant to Siri, especially as a fully-integrated consideration.
  • Some phones, like the latest Google Pixel, offer you an excellent camera. If you’re a smartphone shutterbug, you might find that Pixels and other high-end Android phones provide a much deeper photographic experience.

If any of the above piques your curiosity, it might be time for a change. Now, the path ahead is more straightforward than ever. Even better, this Google tool bridges a critical gap in mobile technology. Now, finding your sea legs has never been easier.

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