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iPhone 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S9, which is better?

It has finally happened. You knew it was coming.  We’re now in the era when smartphones will set you back $1,000 – or close. On March 16, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be released and its prices start at $720 and go up to $929 for the S9+, following Apple’s high-end iPhone X (aka iPhone 10), which retails for $999.

These high-tech devices are worth the money for many people. S9, for instance, boasts features like facial recognition, live language translation, super-slow-motion camera, augmented reality emojis that turn you into an emoji and a lot more.

So, which one is better? For that, we’ll look at the specs.  Although, a bigger question will be whether diehard Apple users will switch to Samsung’s Android smartphone or vice versa. Time will tell.


Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s newest Galaxy comes with 64GB of storage space (expandable up to 400GB), 4GB of RAM and its battery will last an impressive 31 hours on a single charge. It comes in two sizes, the S9 with a 5.8-inch screen and the S9+ with a 6.2-inch screen.

We’ll give you more details below, but its front-facing camera takes shots in 8 megapixels and its rear-facing camera has 12MP. It has wireless charging, it’s water-resistant and has security features such as facial recognition.

Apple iPhone X

Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone X has two options for storage, 64GB and 256GB, and 3GB of RAM. Its battery lasts up to 21 hours on a single charge.

The iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen. It has two cameras, 7MP/12MP, wireless charging, it’s water-resistant and has security features like facial recognition (but no fingerprint scanning).

One clear advantage that S9 has over iPhone X is its screen wraps around its edges. The iPhone X has a notch up top that some people find disruptive.


Samsung Galaxy S9

The S9, like many other smartphones these days, puts a new emphasis on security with biometrics. That’s no surprise given the sheer number of hacks, ransomware attacks and more that you read about almost every day on

You can lock your S9 in a number of ways. There’s facial recognition technology that recognizes your face, plus a scan that reads your eye’s iris, fingerprint scanning and a combo of facial- and iris-scanning technology.

Apple iPhone X

When you compare smartphone security, you probably put iPhone above others because of innovations, notably facial scanning. You use it to unlock your iPhone and keep everyone else out.

Apple has boosted its security with FaceID. It uses a technology called TrueDepth to essentially create a map of your face.

Never mind that some people claim they can trick iPhones into thinking they’re someone else. Its tech is more advanced than S9’s facial recognition technology.

Note: Many reviewers prefer iPhone X’s security features over the S9, notably because of Apple’s facial mapping technology.


Samsung Galaxy S9

Smartphone cameras are light years ahead of where they were just a few years ago. There are so many bells and whistles these days that merely noting the megapixels is not nearly enough.

The S9, for example, is touting loads of features on its cameras. That begins with a dual-aperture camera that Samsung says acts like a human eye that automatically adapts to its surroundings.

You can take photos in any light conditions, for instance, including low light. You can take super-slow-motion images that record at 960 frames per second in high-definition.

Apple iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X has dual-image stabilization. It uses Quad-LED True Tone flash, slow sync and a lot more.

You can turn your photos into live photo, mini-movie GIFs. The iPhone X also offers 4K video at 24 frames per second, 30fps and 60fps.

Cool features

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple’s iPhone X have some extras that ramp up the smartphone race. Those include wireless charging and augmented reality emojis.

These smartphones are water resistant and, maybe most important, they look pretty cool, too. The iPhone X, for instance, comes in two colors, space gray and silver. The S9 comes in three colors, including lilac purple.

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