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It’s not so easy to rearrange iPhone apps anymore – here’s how

If you’re a long-time fan of the iPhone, you’ve come to love the jiggle gesture, which allows you to move or delete an app. This feature makes the process simple and quick.

Unfortunately, as with everything tech, the minute you become accustomed to features on your smartphone, along comes an update that throws a wrench into what you thought was a well-working operating system. That wrench came with Apple’s recent iOS 13 update.

Although the jiggle feature has been around for over a decade, its time of useful simplicity has passed, and now it’s a bit more difficult to rearrange or delete your apps. Here’s what you need to know about this change. Speaking of apps, tap or click here for 7 apps that make you more interesting.

It used to be easy, so what happened?

Until recently, when you wanted to arrange or delete an app from your iPhone, all it took was a press and hold. All the icons would begin to shake and reveal an “x” in the upper-left corner. You could move it around its existing page, to a different page, put in in or pull it out of a folder, or click the “x” to delete it.

The iOS 13 update introduced a contextual drop-down menu and then along came the iOS 13.2 update, which added a greater number of options to the list, but more on that in a minute. If you haven’t already, update to iOS 13.2 now for 10 bug fixes, better photos and enhanced security.

How to get your jiggle back

While this new shortcut menu appears after you press down on an app, what you won’t see right away is the “x” in the corner, nor will you see the icons jiggling. No worries, though, as these features still exist. Just continue to press down on your chosen app to get those apps dancing.

Yes, it will take longer, but your apps will start to shake and display the “x” as before. Hold down and drag the app you want to move around or click the “x” to delete it. Tap Done when finished.

What’s on the menu

The new drop-down menu does have its perks. You can complete a host of tasks without opening apps. Depending on the application, and whether the feature is enabled, you may see several shortcut options, including rearranging, sharing or deleting apps, edit your home screen or even view files in cloud storage.

For any app that has “Rearrange Apps” available, you can either tap on the option to begin the process immediately or continue to hold down your finger and wait for the menu to close and your icons to shake.

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Of course, some apps provide limited menu choices and appear to be void of the rearrange option; however, if you select Edit Home Screen, you can rearrange or delete apps as usual.

It’s important to note you can arrange built-in apps on your iPhone in the same manner; however, most do not allow for deletion.

Although change is often met with a bit of hesitation and requires time to adjust, in the long run it may prove to be an authentic improvement to something you thought was already perfect — at least until the next update.

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