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How to play your iTunes music on your Android phone

Perhaps the temptation of the Note 9 was too much to overcome or maybe you’re not feeling so great about the latest $1,000 megaphone from Apple. Either way, you’ve got a shiny new Android phone and you’re ready to blast some tunes.

But, oh no, your music is all tied to iTunes and it won’t play nice with Android. Who wants to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting all that music back? It’s even worse since you’ve already paid for it.

Take heart, there is a way to play your iTunes music on your Android device. Just follow a few simple steps and you’ll be on a midnight train going anywhere.

Copy it manually

One way is to copy the music over manually. Make sure you have all your music downloaded and saved on your computer before getting started.

  • First you’ll need to find your iTunes Library folder. You can usually find it at: C:UsersYour User Name HereMusiciTunesiTunes MediaMusic on a Windows PC. On a Mac, open up a Finder window, click your username, and look for the Music folder.

android music

Can’t find it?

  • Fire up iTunes
  • Select Preferences
  • Click on Advanced, then look for the box under iTunes Media folder location for where your jams have been hiding
  • Once you’ve got it located, connect your Android device to your computer with the USB cable
  • Open up your phone’s Music folder, then copy and paste everything right inside

Let Google do the work

If that seems like a lot of work, you can always let Google do the heavy lifting, but it will require an internet connection. If you have a ton of tunes, note that Google Play will only store 100,000 songs for free, after that you’ll need to get a subscription plan.

First, make sure all your songs are saved to your computer.

To get started with Google Play:

android music

  • Download and run the installer
  • Login with your Google account
  • You’ll want to choose Upload Songs to Google Play

android music

  • It will prompt you for the location of your music files. You can usually find it at: C:UsersYour User Name HereMusiciTunesiTunes MediaMusic on a Windows PC. On a Mac, open up a Finder window, click your username, and look for the Music folder

android music

  • It will even offer you the option of automatically uploading songs you’ve selected in the future
  • Give it a while if you’re uploading a big library
  • Once it’s uploaded, click on Music Library in Google Play Music and all your tunes should be there

You’ll want to be careful about your data with this option. Make sure to pin those albums or your phone will stream them over the air and use up your valuable data.

Using Google Play does have a downside. If you hate commercials or want to listen offline, there’s a subscription fee of $9.99 or a family option of $16.99 per month.

Go third-party

Maybe you didn’t get a big data plan or don’t want to deal with the hassle of all that downloading and uploading. Many companies make third party apps just to move music from iTunes to Android. One of the best is an app called doubleTwist, which can sync your music, your podcasts, even your videos, all with just a few button presses or taps.

  • To get a hold of it, head to the Google Play store on your device
  • Tap the search box and look for doubleTwist
  • Tap the Install button

android music

  • Tap “Allow” when it asks you to let it access photos, media, and files on your device
  • doubleTwist should automatically find your iTunes library as long as you’ve got it in a standard location
  • If not, it will launch iTunes to try to find your library
  • Choose which playlists you wish to Sync and doubleTwist will go to work

android music

Please do note that while the app is free to download, AirSync to Sync your iTunes media over Wi-Fi and using Airplay is $5.99.

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