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Switch up your iPhone icons with this virtual time machine

Can you believe it’s been almost a decade since the iPhone 4 was released? It may not seem like much of a smartphone now, but back in the day, it was an unbelievable gadget in an impossibly sleek frame. How could we not go crazy for it?

But like with many things back then, what worked in 2010 wouldn’t work today. Buggy sensors (remember Antennagate?) and a tiny 3.5-inch screen would make it tricky for most modern smartphone users to cope with. 

And that’s not even counting the dated graphic design — which lacks the flat, digital sheen found on most modern apps in favor of bubbly icons and 3D-textures like leather and glass.

But for those of us who miss the innocent days of Web 2.0, there’s actually a way to make your phone look a decade older without sacrificing your screen and speed. 

Icon Rewind lets you take a trip back in time by reskinning your app icons to look like their ancient counterparts. Just have the app you want to change installed, visit Icon Rewind’s website and follow the onscreen instructions.

Icon Rewind will then create shortcuts to your apps that look identical to older icons from years ago. It’s safe to do, and 100% authentically retro. It doesn’t change any settings on your phone or fudge around with your coding, either, and you can easily go back to normal if you get tired of all the nostalgia.

It’s not the most elegant solution to app reskinning, but your results will be uncanny. Well, aside from showing on a screen double the size of the iPhone 4’s. But who wants to go back to that? App background

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