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How to download podcasts without overloading your phone

Podcasts are excellent ways to stay updated on topics that matter to you, whether you love getting the scoop on newsworthy events or learning a new language.

Even better, many popular podcasts today are completely free to listen to.

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But, if you’re not careful, a love of podcasts could result in persistent warnings that your phone lacks free space. Learn some easy ways to combat that problem below.

1. Be realistic about how many podcasts you can truly enjoy

If you’re new to podcasts, you may initially feel like a kid with a sweet tooth in a candy store, anxiously downloading dozens of options in an hour. Instead of taking that common approach that inevitably eats up space on your phone, think strategically about the times of the day you’re likely to listen to podcasts and convert those periods into a total amount of approximate listening time.

For example, if you listen to podcasts during a commute to work that’s 90 minutes total, you could safely download that amount of media and know you’ll have time to take it all in.

On the other hand, grabbing six 60-minute podcasts about the day’s news is a sure way to occupy space on your phone unnecessarily. That’s especially true because if you don’t get around to listening to those timely podcasts immediately, they’ll be out of date tomorrow.

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Kim Komando Daily Tech Update

Kim Komando Daily Tech Update (podcast) - Kim Komando | Listen Notes

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Kim Komando Explains


Kim Komando Explains | Listen to Podcasts On Demand Free | TuneIn

These informative podcasts from Kim Komando delve into the fast-moving world of technology and the relevant tech issues and topics that are continuously transforming our lives.

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Tech Refresh with Kim Komando and Friends

Kim chats with three of her team members over at the Komando HQ about the wildest tech news swirling around the headlines. You’ll get Ben’s expertise on strange new gadgets, Mike’s behind-the-scenes opinion on how things work and Allie’s unique takes on how people will react.

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It’s easy to subscribe! Just click the iTunes or Spotify links to subscribe via your smartphone, or download individual episodes on your computer by clicking the “Download” link in the bottom right of each episode’s summary.

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2. Set download limits

The iOS Podcasts app optionally restricts automatic downloads to save space. Also, if you’re a fan of serial podcasts, use the app to specify how many episodes you want to keep. Reaching that limit triggers deleting older episodes, and it’s a good option to have when you require some auto-management of your listening library.

If you listen to podcasts through another app, explore the settings it offers. Ensure your options change when viewing them at the episode level, rather than the overall app. It’s usually that section that contains ways to set downloading limits and retain your phone’s available space at a manageable amount.

3. Don’t forget to manually delete podcasts when necessary

Apps like Spotify enable offline listening, which means you can keep getting your podcast fix even without Wi-Fi. Even though that feature is very convenient — especially for long road trips — it can quickly compromise space on your phone if you forget to disable the offline listening availability after hearing the podcasts.

Activating offline listening and later deleting those downloaded podcasts from your phone while using Spotify is simple. Look for the word “Download” to the right of the podcast title. It should have a toggle switch next to it. Move it to the right to indicate you want the app to start downloading a podcast.

Once you listen to a podcast and decide there’s no reason to keep it on your device, move the switch to the left. Doing that simple action deletes the podcast from your phone, so you can’t listen to it offline anymore. Consider setting a weekly reminder in your phone so periodically removing the podcasts won’t slip your mind.

4. Regularly remove extraneous, non-podcast data from your phone

If you realize your phone doesn’t seem to have much space available for podcasts no matter what, perhaps that’s because you haven’t paid enough attention to the other apps it holds, and they’re taking up much more space than required.

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There are numerous quick things you can do to clear space from an Android or iOS phone. For example, delete apps you haven’t used in a while. Remember, even after you get rid of them on an iOS device, they remain in the cloud for efficient future retrieval. Also, you can remove cached app data. It can take up a lot of space, particularly if you haven’t ever deleted it since buying your device.

As you can see from these straightforward suggestions, becoming a podcast addict doesn’t also mean you’ll have to deal with a perpetually taxed smartphone that cannot accommodate one more app.

After getting in the habit of doing some or all of the things you’ve just read about, you should notice a substantial difference.

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