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Five iPhone tips to get a better connection

It’s no secret that Americans love their iPhones. Just take a walk down the street and you will see pedestrians snapping selfies, listening to music, or texting.

iPhones are a wonderful tool for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, and they also provide countless hours of entertainment. However, like most electronic devices, iPhones are not immune to a poor cellular signal.

The next time you find yourself suffering from a weak cell signal, here are a few steps you can take to improve your situation.

1. Try Airplane Mode

If you are one of the unfortunate iPhone owners that consistently experiences signal issues, you may want to try the simplest trick in the book – toggling the Airplane Mode button on and off.

While it may seem like common knowledge, toggling Airplane Mode on and off can reestablish your phone’s connection to the network. Navigate to the Control Center and then tap the Airplane Mode button. Wait just a few seconds and then tap the Airplane mode button a second time to turn off the feature.

If all goes well, your signal should improve soon.

2. Revert back to 2G

This may seem counterproductive, but according to various tech experts, it works.

While using your iPhone, launch the ‘Settings’ app and then choose the following options in this order: Mobile Data, Mobile Data Options, Voice and Data and then select “2G Option.” Other iPhone users may need to choose the following options, Settings – Cellular – Cellular Data Options – Voice and Data.

Once you select the “2G Option” take a look at the bars in the top left corner of your phone screen. You should notice your signal bars increase within seconds.

3. Take advantage of Wi-Fi calling

Do you often experience signal issues in your home or workspace but have a dependable Wi-Fi connection? You may want to substitute your cellular network for the Wi-Fi calling option on your iPhone.

Making calls via your Wi-Fi connection may provide you with clearer reception than your cellular network does, however, you may still experience poor signal when browsing the internet or using an app.

Fortunately, the Apple Store does offer various different messaging apps that allow for audio and video calling, therefore, solving your text messaging dilemma. That Facebook post may have to wait though until you find yourself in an area with better cell signal

4. Try a cell signal booster

If money is no object, you may want to invest in an iPhone cell signal booster, especially if you have a poor cell signal in your home or office.

These booster devices work in any location with an existing cell signal that needs amplifying. They are also relatively easy to use and install but they can be a little pricey, given that cell signal boosters contain cellular radios in them. This technology is also the reason why these devices consistently work for most iPhone users.

Amazon’s best-selling signal booster is the weBoost Home 4G booster, and it’s going for $399 right now. Tap or click here to get the weBoost at Amazon.

You may want to try the more cost-effective tips before spending this much on a booster device. However if all else fails, this option may be the way to go!

5. Choose your network manually

An iPhone and its operating system are designed to automatically assign the user to the network carrier according to the inserted SIM card. Fortunately, you can manually remove yourself from that network momentarily to change the cell tower your phone is connected to. Doing this may give you a better signal.

To manually remove yourself from a network, launch the Settings feature and select “Carrier,” then switch the “Automatic” toggle to the “off” position. Select a different network from the menu, wait for the signal to drop, and then select your assigned network manually from the list.

Following these five tips will hopefully improve any cellular signal issues you may experience. It may also serve you well to meet with a representative from your mobile carrier to learn more about the existing cell towers in your area. After all, knowledge is power!

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