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Android home screen icons
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How to customize home screen icons on your Android

Want to customize your Android phone? You can do it in many ways (which is why we love Android so much). Tap or click here for seven ways to customize an Android phone.

Those are some excellent options, but have you ever considered your home screen icons? The boring stock icons get old after a while. It’s time to spruce things up.

Keep reading for simple ways to customize your Android home screen icons.

First, you need a launcher

A launcher is basically a revitalization of your home screen. Think of these as little apps or “assistants” that help you customize your home screen. In many cases, you need a launcher to use custom icon packs.

Our top pick is the Nova Launcher, which is free on the Google Play Store. This helps customize your icons with icon packs in the easiest way possible.

Next, head over to the Google Play Store and find an icon pack

There are loads of icon packs on the Google Play Store. We’ll include a list of our favorites here. A good amount is free, but not all of them. Some developers make a small income from selling these packs on the Play Store. You’ll find some for 49 cents up to about $2.99.

Many packs include more icons than you’ll ever need, sometimes in the thousands. You might want to pick one that costs a few cents. That’s because if developers make money from something, they’ll be more likely to update it as time passes.

Here are some of our top picks:

Follow these steps in the Nova Launcher

Now it’s time to apply your new icons. It doesn’t matter which pack you pick. The process is the same regardless.

  • Tap and hold the home screen on your Nova Launcher.
  • Tap Settings when it pops up.
  • Select the Look & Feel option.
  • Tap Icon Style.
  • Tap the setting titled Icon Theme.
  • You’ll see a list of your icon packs. Simply tap on the pack you want to apply.
  • You can further customize the icon shapes by tapping Icon Style.

This will change every applicable icon. From there, you can go back to your home screen to see the changes as they’re applied. Repeat these steps whenever you want to incorporate new icons with the Nova Launcher.

If you want to change one specific icon instead of your entire pack, you can do that with these steps.

  • Tap and hold the icon you want to change.
  • When the Pencil Icon appears, tap on it.
  • Tap the App Icon.
  • Select the icon you want to apply, and tap Done.

That’s all you need to change all of your icons at once or one at a time. Try mixing and matching icons from different packs to customize your experience.

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