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Handy iPad tricks you need to know

You use your iPad every day, but there are hidden features buried within your trusty tablet that only a few people know about and even fewer make good use of. These features turn novice users into iPad Masters.

Now you can join that group of iPad Masters with today’s helpful Apple tip. You’ll discover better ways to learn new words, speed up your gadget and discover helpful settings you didn’t know existed. So go grab your iPad and let’s get started on some of the most helpful iPad secrets available to owners.

Play a video on screen while using other apps

iPad users no longer have to quit watching a video to check another app. While watching a video or using FaceTime, simply press the home button to minimize the video down to the corner of your iPad’s display. This only works in certain apps that support this feature.



Use the keyboard as a touchpad

If you’ve ever been frustrated when trying to move the cursor between words when typing on your iPad, rest easy. You can now move two fingers over the keyboard on your screen as you’re typing to turn the keys into a virtual touchpad. This makes it easy to move the cursor with more precision.


Zoom in on certain parts of the screen

Using one of the iPad’s accessibility features, you can create a virtual magnifying glass that makes it easier to view certain parts of the screen. To turn this on, head over to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Zoom. Then make sure the slider is switched on.



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