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How to Google something when you have spotty internet connection

For many Android users, the Google app is an essential part of their phones. Not only does the app contain all of Google’s most handy apps in one place, it’s also optimized for performance and flexibility across a widely varied ecosystem of devices.

But for some users, the Google app might not be their best bet in terms of search and service. Some countries and regions feature spotty internet connections, while other users may struggle with the relatively large app on a phone with smaller storage. As versatile as the Google app is, it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution for the company’s myriad of users around the world.

But all that is set to change with the launch of Google Go, a streamlined version of their popular app that’s built for offline performance, with a smaller data footprint and program size to boot! If you’re an Android user (especially one with an older phone), here’s what you need to know about Google’s latest app, and how you can benefit from its highly optimized performance on your device.

What is Google Go?

Google has been testing streamlined versions of its apps for some time now in the form of Android Go, a stripped-down version of the popular operating system designed for smartphone users in developing markets. The apps featured in Android Go are streamlined and optimized for offline performance, and take up significantly less storage compared to their full-featured cousins.

In many countries without advanced internet infrastructure like the U.S., using Google can be quite a chore. The app requires a strong internet connection to get the most out of it, and a spotty connection can render nearly every feature unusable. To combat this, Google engineered Android Go to perform tasks offline using data stored on the device, which can speed up performance and load times in areas with poor internet. Additionally, the app’s data footprint is much smaller, leaving the user more room for photos, videos and personal data.

And now, Google has distilled the features of Android Go into a single app called Google Go, which takes some of the most beloved parts of the full app like image search, text-to-speech and translation and simplifies them for the majority of Android phones on the market.

What does Google Go include?

Google Go, as a dressed-down version of the full Google app, contains essential services like the company’s famous search engine, Google Lens, which provides augmented reality-style information about things you spot through your phone’s camera, translation, image search and text-to-speech services for reading digital text out loud. All of these functions use offline data to partially power their results, which makes the app run extremely fast regardless of how strong your internet connection is. Plus, its small file size makes it easy to download and run on almost any Android phone.

This makes the app great for older devices and models that may struggle with the heavier data load and requirements of newer software.

Just like with the proper Google app, you’ll have access to the internet at large thanks to your search results — but keep in mind that non-Google websites and services may still load at their normal, slower speeds in the event that your connection is poor.

But regardless of your internet infrastructure, Google Go shows a marked improvement in speed that’s well worth checking out for any Android user. Plus, if you’re a photography junkie, using Google Go over the Google App will free up tons more space for your media. The app, in total, is only a pint-sized 7MB after all!

How can I get Google Go on my device?

Google Go can be downloaded from the Google Play store for free. It’s compatible with most Android makes and models, and has already been installed by more than 1 million users across the world. Give it a try for yourself and see how fast you can do searches, translations, and more.

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