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Can’t make or send calls? A Google bug is to blame, but you can fix it

Users of Android devices might have noticed over the last few days that they can’t make or receive calls. No amount of rebooting will solve the issue, with some users taking to online forums to see if others have a solution. Tap or click here to upgrade your old Android to avoid losing access to your Google account.

Well, Google has acknowledged that a small number of Android users are “experiencing difficulty” in communicating with others. If a mobile device doesn’t have Wi-Fi, that isn’t a huge deal. But if something goes wrong and you can’t make or receive calls, it can quickly escalate into an emergency.

A software bug seems to be to blame, but luckily there is a fix for it. Here is how you can correct the issue so that you can make calls again.

Here’s the backstory

The bug experienced by Android users is similar to a recent problem faced by Apple users. After a recent iOS update, some found that their mobile devices lost signal in certain areas. A fix was released for it, and functionality should have returned.

But where the operating system was blamed for iOS knocking out phone calls, in Android’s case it is the Google app that’s causing the trouble. After learning about the issue, the company rolled out an update to correct it.

Google has been tight-lipped about what caused the bug, but there is speculation that LG devices are the hardest hit. The vast majority of user reports and complaints were made from LG customers.

What you can do about it

The update to fix the bug was released recently, and you would need to update your Android device to get it. To do this, follow the usual steps of updating your software. Depending on your current settings, the Google app may have updated automatically.

If that isn’t the case, you can update the app by following these steps:

  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • Near the bottom, tap System > Advanced > System update.
  • Doing this will give you information on your update status.
  • Follow any steps on the screen.

To update a specific app, open the Google Play Store and tap on your profile icon. Next, tap My apps & Games. If an update is available for a specific app, tap on the Update option. If there are a few, you can simply tap the Update All button.

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