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Forget your Apple ID password? 3 ways to reset it

You’ve heard the horror stories about data breaches and ransomware attacks, where you have to pay up or lose everything you’ve saved on your laptop and smartphone. You’ve heard about malware attacks and so much more.

If you’re an Apple user, you’re breathing easier. You know that the iPhone maker has incredibly secure devices with encryption and multiple layers of biometrics and passwords to keep the bad guys out. There’s a downside to Apple’s high level of security, though, and you may have suffered through it. Apple makes it difficult to reset your password. That’s a good thing. They’re preventing hackers and criminals as best they can from accessing your iPhone or iPad, with access to iTunes, the App Store, iCloud, Apple Music and more.

Yet, you might feel like you’re out of luck if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password. You’ll hit a wall trying to get your password from Apple, but don’t worry — we have a few solutions to reset your password.

Note: You’ll need to remember some information about your Apple account to reset your password. This may include answers to security questions you created when you set up your account.

Use the Apple ID page to reset your password

It’s understandable if you’re panicking when you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password. Fortunately, if you remember some of the information you used to originally set it up, resetting your password is fairly simple.

You’ll start at the Apple ID page. Tap or click where it says “Forgot Apple ID or password.” You will need to input the email address you used to set it up or you can input your Apple ID. From there, you’ll choose to either reset it by answering security questions or by email. You’ll be able to reset your password once you answer the security questions. Or, if you’re using the email method, Apple will send you an email with instructions to reset your Apple ID password.

Bonus: This is incredibly important! You don’t want to be one of the countless Apple users who have unused iPhones and iPads collecting dust in your house.

Choose security questions that you know, no matter when you might be asked the question, you’ll always have the same response — mother’s maiden name, first pet’s name, street you grew up on. Consider using a password manager so you don’t have to write them down or memorize them.

Go to the site You’ll need your Apple ID and, yes, your password, to get started.

Apple has a reputation for super-tough security for a reason. They do not make it easy to remind you what your password is or to reset it. You can spend hours on the phone with Apple. Or you might visit the Apple Genius Bar and wait and wait.

Use two-factor authentication

You’ve heard Kim urging listeners to use two-factor authentication carefully. It’s an extra layer of security to keep hackers and criminals out, even if they know your password. Your second layer of protection with Apple is usually a six-digit code they send you. The idea is that only you know this piece of information, so only you’ll be able to access your iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices.

One great thing about two-factor authentication is that you can easily reset your Apple ID password. If you’re doing that from your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings, then Password & Security. Tap or click on Change Password. You’ll be prompted to input your password and to change it.

Note: You can also use two-factor authentication from the page. You’ll input your phone number and receive a link from Apple to reset your password.

Use Account Recovery to reset your password

It’s a big deal to reset your password using Account Recovery, but you can do it that way. However, Account Recovery is primarily intended to help you remotely reset your password when your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen.

The idea is that you’ll block anyone from using it while it’s out of your hands. Plus, you’ll be able to continue accessing your Apple apps.

You’ll see Request Account Recovery when you’re resetting your password from your device or Apple’s website, You’ll be prompted to provide your cellphone number and you’ll be prompted to verify your request.

Apple will contact you when your account recovery is ready. You’ll need to input the cellphone number you gave to Apple and you will then be prompted through the process of creating a new password.

Note: Account Recovery isn’t an immediate solution — it can take a few days. But it’s a lifesaver if you’ve run out of options to reset your Apple ID password.

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