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Everyday essential tricks for your iPhone

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So you feel like you know all you need to know about your iPhone. You can adeptly make calls, send text messages, check emails, change settings, download apps and everything in between.

Sure, having the right know-how to get things done on your smartphone makes you feel like a bonafide expert. But of course, there might still be hidden iPhone tricks here and there that can make your everyday use even better. (While you’re at it, here are 7 expert iPhone tips you’ll use time and time again.)

To elevate your iPhone mastery, here are a few essential tricks Apple recommends that you should be using daily:

1. Ask Siri to do math

For basic math problems, you can simply ask Siri instead of opening a calculator app. Apple’s virtual assistant can do percentages, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Activate Siri by holding down the home button or, if you enabled it, say “Hey Siri” out aloud while your iPhone is plugged into its charger.

Try asking math questions like “How much is 45 percent of  134?” or “What is 3,456 plus 2,357?” and she’ll answer you right back.

2. Take a screenshot

To take a screenshot of what’s displayed on your iPhone’s screen, press the Home and power (sleep/wake) buttons at the same time.

This image is immediately saved to the Screenshots album in your iPhone’s Photos app and can be edited and shared in the same way as the rest of your saved photos.

3. Reader view on Safari

For a more streamlined and cleaner reading experience on an iPhone’s Safari web browser, activate Reader view on supported webpages.

Reader view strips a webpage to its bare essentials, like its text and included photos.

To activate Reader in Safari on webpages that support it, just tap the three horizontal lines on the address/search bar in the upper-left corner.

4. Use speech instead of typing

Sometimes, speaking a text message reply is faster (and safer) than typing it on an iPhone’s virtual keyboard.

To speak your text entries, simply tap on the mic icon on the keyboard and talk away (including punctuation). The iPhone will try its best to transcribe your speech and you can always edit what it jots down.

5. Reduce eyestrain at night

Starting with iOS 9, Apple added a new feature called Night Shift. This mode reduces the blue tint of the iPhone’s display, which can affect a user’s sleep patterns, especially at night.

To schedule when Night Shift turns on, go to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Night Shift. You can also manually enable this feature or tweak its color temperature in this section.

6. Apple Pay

One of the most convenient features of an iPhone is Apple Pay. This lets you pay with your smartphone on retail registers instead of taking out your wallet and credit card each time.

If you have a card saved in your Wallet app, simply double-click the Home button while your iPhone is locked then leave your finger on the button for Touch ID. To finish the transaction, hold your iPhone near the Apple Pay reader on terminals that support it.

7. User Guide

To know all the ins and outs of how to use your iPhone, download the iPhone User Guide, available for free in the iBooks Store.

To get this book, open your iBooks app and search for “iPhone User Guide” then download the appropriate document for your iOS version. To read it, go to the My Books section of iBooks.

For even more iPhone shortcuts, check out these 5 need-to-know iPhone tricks.

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