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best ways to use earbuds
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Earbuds always falling out? Try these 4 fixes

If you’re anything like us, you love the comfort and convenience of wireless earbuds. Like their wired predecessors, many find one major obstacle between tranquility and a constant annoyance: Why won’t these things stay in my ears?

Until you find the right pair of earbuds, it’s difficult to describe how awesome they are. Tap or click for the best wireless earbuds for music and podcast lovers.

You don’t need to struggle with earbuds not staying put. Here are four simple tips to help you make the most of wireless earbuds as a part of your professional, academic or athletic workflow.

1. Double-check the instructions they came with

Are you wearing them in the wrong ears? Are you plugging them in backward or even upside-down?

Few earbuds will arrive on your doorstep without a pamphlet showing you the correct way to wear them. All but the most generic will usually be designed to hug the natural curvature of the human ear, and these shapes aren’t exactly congruent in all directions.

Many are guilty of shoving earbuds in without checking to ensure the little “R” and “L” labels match their ear. 

2. Keep your earbuds clean

Are dirty earbuds harder to use? Surprisingly, this is often the case. Earwax and other grime may prevent earbuds or silicon tips from clinging to the skin of your middle ear. Like any electronic device, you’ll want to exercise caution and the manufacturer’s best practices when maintaining them to avoid damage.

A puffer or canned air will help you dislodge dust and dirt particles from nooks, crannies and vents. Toothpicks, cotton swabs, and any included brushes or other tools can then be used to deal with anything stuck to the earbuds in a layer.

Sanitizing them using waterless methods like UV sanitation can eliminate germs from their surfaces. Avoid moisture-based solutions unless the manufacturer deems their use safe enough for consumers.

Try to make this habit a regular part of your weekly routine. Failing to do so won’t just make your buds more challenging to use. You might also find yourself the victim of a nasty ear infection. An ounce of prevention can go a long way.

3. Buy custom earbud tips

When in doubt, you may be able to find soft earbud tips on Amazon that can be used to replace or encompass the ones that came with your earbuds. Alternatively, you might simply use the wrong size from the options included. Many manufacturers have two or three sizes to choose from right out of the box.

If your work-from-home toolbox already includes a pair of buds you love, this is the perfect way to keep them from falling out when you’re in the zone. It’s an extremely simple, straightforward, and affordable solution, even for generic buds.

4. Try another brand or style

Sometimes, the problem is a simple incompatibility between your ears and the shape of the buds. A good idea is to see a physical demo model on your local retailer’s floor. If you try them out briefly before making a purchase, you’ll be less likely to shake them loose when wearing them.

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